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Surgical removal of the lymph node in neck confirms OVCA again...

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As I posted last week I had a lymph node in my neck surgically removed last week. It came back OVCA. I will meet with my oncologist Monday as he is working on a treatment plan. I had 9 months of complete remission. I assume he will probably order another PET before I begin treatment. I HATE THIS DISEASE!! I am so thankful we have this board to vent and support one another from. I was diagnosed May, 2011.


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I am so, so sorry that you have to face a reoccurance. Sending you good thoughts and prayers that your doctor's treatment plan sends you straight back into another remission. You can kick cancer's butt!


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Glad to be done
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Carla I am sorry you have to go through treatment again. I so wish that someone would come p for a cure to cancer... This truly sucks. Stay strong and stay focused. That is about all we can do right. You will be in my prayers...


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Dang Carla! Was really hoping this was just a false alarm! I would be devastated and don't know if I could take it mentally. The one thing that sometimes helps me get through is something my cousin told me(he's a Baptist minister). He said that no matter what's wrong or how bad the problem, for SOME reason we are right where we need to be to follow the Master's plan for us. You're in my prayers. Best Debrajo

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kimberly sue 63
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sorry to hear....you are strong and have had so many things to deal with in the past. You can get through this and come out stronger again!! KIm

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Not the news you were hoping for, I'm sure. But I also know that your doctor has lots of options for you, so don't be weary. And you're right - this board is a great place to vent and support eachother. Please keep us up-to-date. Sending lots of prayers and hugs to you, Carla.


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I was hoping you would hear something more positive as well. Sounds like your Dr has a good plain up there sleve tho.

Dave & Tina VG

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I am so sorry Carla. I hate this disease too. It really sucks!! Please hang in there. I know it is hard, but you went into remission once you can do it agian. It is funny because I have never met amy of you and I feel such a connection to you. When I was diagnosed you were one of the first to come forward and give me some encouraging words.  I felt tear in my eyes when I heard your news. Please take care of yourself. Love ya.

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to hear this news.  Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  I know you are a tough teal sister and will do what you have to do to beat this back again.  



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I am so sorry your results came back positive and your disease has raised it's ugly head again. So unfair after being through so much already. I wish you strength and stamina to get through this set back. Positive thoughts and energy. Xo Michele

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