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Scan #3

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Joined: Mar 2012

At hospital @ 830 am this morning, 930 get that special little drink....at least it was lemon and not the berry! :) wait an hour... get the IV...ouch and pants down to knees and get jerked through the little wheel... the dang thing is broken... lay there patiently for a couple of more jerking sessions, technician finally determines it really is broken.... pants up, unhook, wait in hall..3 trips to pee later and finally back on the table thingy and 12 seconds later finished at 1130! Rather comical actually, hope, its not an omen..good thing I don't believe in that stuff! :)

Now for the wait for the next six days! UUGGGHHHHH, should be able to get those results the same day.... In a correctional facility scheme of things, I think this would be considered cruel and unusual punishment! :)

Hoping this one turns out good and won't have to repeat for six months. I'm certain I should start glowing soon!

Thanks for listening!


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Oh...just the thought of having to drink that nasty stuff again turns my stomach. I will keep good thoughts for you that you get great results back in 6 days. - Alex

Posts: 308
Joined: Mar 2012

lemon is the best...berry the worst! Oh, crap, I just remembered I'm suppose to drinking lots of fluids! don't need any issues with the kidneys! Hope you are having a good day, Alex.

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Six days waite...that's a long time!!! Hoping for great results for you :)

Momof2plusteentwins's picture
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No way, I would have to call Dr. Why is appt so far away? That is torture. Anyway, good luck with results, keep us updated.

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