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Is this crazy?

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I was scheduled for a partial nephrectomy July 31, 2012. MRI disc was brought to my first appt with top doc in Phila area on July 6th. He quickly read MRI and said he felt it was a solid mass and no further MRI was necessary (I had it done local to my home)...BUT he said his radiology department would read disc and file a report. He told me all about the partial nephrectomy and what to expect post op etc. That was 18 days ago. In the mean time, I finished all pre admission testing, bone scan, CTchest, bilateral kidney function test, cardiac clearance etc.....left my job. Yesterday at 3:00pm I received a phone call from urologist office stating my surgery was cancelled and their radiology department determined what they see is a cyst and nothing else... (I said, are you sure?) " absolutely"but they want me to follow up with them for a MRI in three months! Don't get me wrong, I did not want surgery and most of all, cancer....I'm a bit angry though...I have been an emotional wreck for 3 months and a week before surgery, this? I actually asked the doctor if this was a joke! Otherwise, during my conversation, I was stunned and unable to even ask intelligent questions! Please don't take this post as me being ungrateful or insensitive to others who would love to have this news. I am a hospice nurse and have seen cancer's destruction first hand, but I can't even wrapped my head around "this" and, do I believe this radiology dept? I do realize people make mistakes and slip up...I guess in time I'll get my head straight.
*The original MRI report stated 2.1cm solid mass, but indicated to follow up with CT with contrast (which I already had done) this tells me they weren't sure?

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You have a very unusual story. I have heard of watch and wait, but not changing minds about the surgery. The good news is that the doctor now thinks the surgery is unnecessary or premature. At 2.1cm you cyst or tumor is vert small and poses no risk in the short term, Our hopes are that the doctor is right and you do not need the surgery. In any event the little buggar should not grow much if at all during that oeriod. Also consider a second opinion.


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Lets make him a probationary member, after all, he did go through all of the tests and emotions.


I'll just echo what icy said and add that it is better to have found out before surgery than after. Have you thought about buying some lottery tickets, you're on a roll. You're story is good for this board, it lets people know there is always hope. Please hang around and share with the people here and let us know how your next scan turns out, may you stay NED for many many years.


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Hi Max,

This is REALLY good news and I would like to say you should just be grateful and not worry, but I will tell you that a radiologist completely missed my 9 cm tumor on an ultrasound in March. It was found on a CT scan I just happened to have for a different reason in May. They went back and looked again at the ultrasound and said it clearly was there so people do make mistakes and, in your case, one of them is mistaken. I would see if there is some way to have another radiologist take a look to put you more at ease. Maybe I should have kept that to myself so I wouldn't add to your worry, but you have no way of knowing who was right - and I'm the worry wart type.


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Wow, that is bizarre. But do you know how many times I’ve heard people say to John something like, “ God, I don’t know how I would react if I was diagnosed with kidney cancer out of no where.” You are one of the few people that have an answer to that, because you were diagnosed but got a reprieve. You can now DO all the things you regretted not doing when you were diagnosed with cancer. Everyone starts with regrets when they are diagnosed. I should have taken that dream vacation to Ireland; I should have used more of my time volunteering; I should have spent more time with my and aunt and uncle in Virginia; I should have made my time count for more. We all do that in some form, but the difference is you can now take advantage of a wrong diagnosis.

Funnel the frustration into joy and celebrate. YIPPEE!!! And, congratulations! You received a gift. . .

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It seems the concensus is that this is good news. So add me to the list. ....However, Sometimes they do make mistakes. 2 scans ago the radiologist commented on the stent in my widowmaker cardiac artery. I read that and immediately asked for a reread as I never had nor needed a cardiac stent. I was called back with some BS about how the transcriptionist must have misunderstood the dictation...Yeah, right.

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