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throat cancer side effects radiation/chemo

I was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx back in January 2012,I received 4weeks of radiation plus 2 sessions of chemo. which started on 23rd April until 18th May.
I started to get a pain in my throat after two weeks which was quite severe for which I was given liquid morphine,which helped a little.I have continually had pain and side effect discomforts all through and after treatment,I was also wearing Fentanyl patches from 50mcg down to12mcg for eight weeks,thankfully I am now off these.I was admitted into Hospital three times during this period. But my main problem is chronic fatigue,dizziness, nausea,sweating and a general feeling of being unwell which does not seem to be improving.
Each day I think I feel better today only find myself deteriorating as the day goes by,even if I have just sat in the chair all day.The only other information I have omitted is that I am type 2 diabetic (tablet controlled0.
Has anyone got any suggestions to help me with the fatigue and dizziness as this is now effecting me psychologically.
Many Thanks


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For your type of cancer will provide so much info and empathy to help you through this. Try it!

Hello !
This is a very important thing to do. This group not only shares medical information, on treatments and side effects...but is very informal. They will put a smile on your face, seriously ! Go under discussion boards and click on head and neck. Maybe I'll see your post soon ? Warmest wishes, Katie

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