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Animal foods can make you sick

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Lee Fulkerson, Dr. T. Colin Campbell of Cornell University and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn of The Cleveland Clinic
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A friend lent me a copy of the video Forks over Knives. I feel like I need to do anything I can do to control the spread of cancer in my body. Surprise that sugar feeds cancer, chicken "feeds" cancer cells, milk causes an allergic reaction in everybody's body that actually draws calcium OUT of the bone. This movie includes "The China Study". What do I eat then? Eat nothing "that had a mother". Yes that includes fish, eggs, cheese too. Learn to eat Vegan and love the taste of food. Not just grass, delicious warm dishes that include sweet potatoes, lots of vegetables, fresh fruits, yummy flavors. Everything tastes better. We were the only country in the world that drank another animal's milk. All animal fats have cholesterol. No plant fats have cholesterol. Watch this yourself. You will think twice before you eat or buy certain foods. VERY hard to get a vegan meal in most restaurants and the good Vegan restaurants in NYC are packed all day.

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