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Hi All

Well, I have had my first reality check and meltdown. I thought I was doing so good at keeping my mind focused on details and everything else.

The quiet of the night is so hard. the brain starts whirling and it hits.

Today we tell our daughters. This is going to be hard. I hate to bring them any type of fear or sadness. As a mom, I should keep all that from them. They don't deserve to have that enter their lives. No one does.

So far today, I feel like I am on the edge of melting into tears at any given second. I hate to feel so fragile.
I guess I am just scared, no, I KNOW that I am scared.

I am turning to you guys, as your words hold me up.
I better stop for now, this is so hard.


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Hang in there lisha, the hardest part for me after dx was my wife and I telling our 5 yr old daughter that I was sick. Even now just looking at her sometimes chokes me up, the thought of possibly not being here for her is devistating. All that being said you should tell them the truth, in the long run it will be easier on them and you. Just one mans opinion, I wish you all the best. Aaron

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Posts: 1162
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Hi Aaron

Thank you for your kind words. My girls are older, but still very hard indeed.
I have grandchildren that will also need to be told, as we are a very close family and spend so much time together.

Please forgive my late welcome to the group. As you can tell, I have been a bit overwhelmed with my life lately. This group is so great, you have found a huge helpful "family".

You hang in there also. I know you have a lot coming up too.

Again, welcome and thanks

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Hey Lisha,
I sent you a private e-mail, so will keep this short. Your girls will understand and be ok...keep the faith. You are a close family and times like this just make you all a stronger unit. Hug each other and let it all out...kids do so much better when they know exactly whats going on, especially the older ones that are capable of understanding the 'big picture". Love you sweetie, and when the melt downs happen just go with the flow and let the emotions come out. We are "ALWAYS" here for you. Hugs and kisses..xoxox Sue

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Hey Lisha,

Thanks for sharing with us. I pretty much agree with the others about
sharing current news with your family.

Let your feelings happen and let them out. You're a strong and
wonderful person and will get through this.

Stating the obvious for all of us but, I hate cancer - what it does to us and our families, the fear, the anxiety, the grief and the "roller coaster".

Hang in there and hugs as always,


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Lisha, I think it is right to tell your daughter's, they need time to process all this too. It's hard to say the same things, stay strong, stay positive, but it is all I have.... I believe , all we can do, is to hold on to hope, I wish there was something I can do or say that would make it everything ok...... keep fighting Vinny

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I am just so sorry about what you are facing. Telling your children is the hardest thing- I remember when I called my daughter. But it's important that we always speak the truth. They'll want to be there for you and there is nothing like the love and support of family as you know.

So as your family holds you up during meltdowns, this family will do the same. Love hugs and prayers to you.


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After reading what everyone else has said there is nothing left for me to say except I agree with what has been said. We are always here for you. John

miss maggie
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Dear Lisha,

I have always felt it best to keep certain facts about my life with most people. I always
share my happiness, fears, and health issues with my family and closest friends. These
people really love me and care very much for my well being. Also, I believe, they
might be able to share information and knowledge that I might not be aware of.

I understand your fears and being scared. I think it is beneficial to get these
feelings out. Either, talking, writing to your friends online, or even
keeping a diary. Rather then let your emotions fester. You have read my posts to
you. When I read some of your posts, it does effect me because you are my family.

Love you sweetie and pray for you everyday. It's a dark tunnel now. You will come
out of this. Love Maggie

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