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Different perspectives

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I was watching a program that followed four families dealing with the economy and unemployement. One woman explained that she felt people in an economic crisis do not receive the same kind of support given to someone who, for example, has cancer. She said, It is harder to be unemployed than to have cancer."

I am in no way downplaying the hardships of being unemployed, but harder than having cancer?



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she has never had cancer...

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Oh Pleasssssse ....some people are dealing with economic hardships and cancer BECAUSE of cancer!
Me thinks that women may be feeling sorry for herself....cause if she ever had cancer she would be singing a different tune.

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Well, I'm both. I would much rather be ONLY unemployed. Some people are just so....well, she certainly hasn't had cancer...no one would every say such a stupid thing if they had battled this horrible disease.

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who envied her, because she got to work half days in order to recover from her chemo (for advanced breast cancer) and told her how lucky she was.

Beth is so lucky - she didn't survive cancer, but in her last few months that she was able to work, she got to take of early.

Some people are idiots.

I miss Beth. (She never knew about my cancer - I was diagnosed 4 months after she died.)

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I'd trade MY cancer for her unemployment anytime! The big DUMAS!(teen's new word for dumb a$$)!

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Cancer trumps just about anything.......when this happened to me my entire extended family rallied together and suddenly all the other issues were put into perspective.

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Well, like lots of other cancer patients, I'm both unemployed AND a cancer patient.

If I could choose one, I'd rather just be unemployed. It probably won't kill me, and my cancer probably will.

Seems pretty simple to me.

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