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Is it OVCA recurrence or not? The more I hear the more confused I am becoming.

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Hi Ladies,

I met the ENT oncologist today in consulation to surgically remove the lymph node in my neck. (The needle biopsy came back suspicious for cancer). My medical oncologist says this is atypical of ovca since my ca-125 is 14.1 (two weeks ago), and two scans showed clean abdominal area.

This dr. today said that it's possible that a second cancer has developed in my neck. He said it wouldn't be early stages since it's in a lymph node. However, I have had no symptoms for any type of neck or throat cancer such as difficulty swallowing.

I'm just really scared and confused.

I suppose it would be strange for ovca, but since when is this disease predictable? I was diagnosed last year with stage 3c (clear cell). I do have a nine month complete remission.

Hopefully I will have the node removed next week. I will have a ct of my neck first.

Thanks Ladies. Hope all of you have a great weekend!


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While your doctor said it's possible that a second cancer has developed in your neck, that doesn't mean it has to be cancer. I will be praying for good news from your CT scan and node removal.


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If the biopsy results were suspicious for cancer, can't they tell what type of cancer? I don't want to be a downer, but this is what I know. It is not unsual for a patient's CA-125 to remain in the normal range during a recurrance in the lymph nodes, even if the CA-125 is a good marker for the patient. I also know that lymph nodes in the collarbone area are ones that ovarian cancer commonly shows up in. I hope this all turns out to be nothing.

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Thanks ladies. After the needle biopsy report my medical oncologist wanted it removed to see where the cancer originated from. The ENT who will remove the node specializes in oncology. He just doesn't think it's ovca because of the normal ca-125 and outside the abdominal area. 3 small areas were also found near my diaphram area. They were too small to biopsy.

This is why I am more than likely going to M.D. Anderson next month. I can have my treatments where I live, but from what I understand clear cell is considered a rare type of OVCA. I want a treatment designed specifically for me!!

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My ovca first presented itself through a swollen lymph node which popped up near my left collarbone. The surgical ENT removed it, biopsied it, and gave me the unexpected news: "You have cancer, but we don't know where. The cells in the malignant node are consistent with those of breast cancer. See an oncologist". Many tests and scans later, my pelvic area lit up on the PET/CT, and the rest is history.

This is all by way of saying yes, you are right - since when is ovca predictable! We survivors now live surrounded by confusion and inconsistencies, but yet we forge ahead, right? Waddayagonnadoo! I'm betting that your situation is not a new cancer, but please keep us informed. I will be keeping you in my thoughts.


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