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Back at ER!

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The head of my Oncology Center called a few hours ago and said he is NOT comfortable with my counts..... Especially my calcium????? He said calcium was over 5 and that was high and concerned him..... So much so that he was asking me to go to ER on the 4th to recheck it. He asked if i was peeing a lot.... No... Not much at all.... It comes out my butt. He asked if i was having stomach Pain.... Noooo.. Blood pressure 150/100.... But roids doing that. Man, i am sooooo weak..... Havent slept more than 3 hrs in 4 days. I just cant believe this folfox kicking the crap outta me. It better not interfere with my cyberknife or im gonna be REAL mad! Ok..... Venting done. :-)
Update later

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Go for this ciberknife! will be praying for you!

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I am sorry Jennie! Thinking of you!


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Sending hugs
Just letting you know my husband and I care very much
for you and many others.
Take care....Linda

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Praying the best for you, Jennie. Many hugs going your way!

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... thinking of you and sending a big parcel of good wishes over the big ocean. Hope you'll be better soon!!!

Hugs from Germany

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Jenny girl- that just SUCKS. You have been thru more crap than anyone. I am on folfox too- will have 5th treatment tomorrow. WBC not cooperating.

I haven't been on the boards in months- i have a lot of catching up to do.
Sending big hugs to you that you get thru this treatment and get some relief



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Jenny girl- that just SUCKS. You have been thru more crap than anyone. I am on folfox too- will have 5th treatment tomorrow. WBC not cooperating.

I haven't been on the boards in months- i have a lot of catching up to do.
Sending big hugs to you that you get thru this treatment and get some relief



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Hopefully specimen was bad and re test will be better. Hope you feel better soon!

Brenda Bricco
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Wow Jennie, I sure hope those counts return to normal for you soon, I hate to think of how tired and beat you must be feeling. I wish you sleep and energy, can the docs give you something to help you sleep?
GOD's blessings to you!

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Prayers and Hugs and lots of positive energy being sent your way..

I too feel like crap this week. do you think the heat may be making this worse for you.. I know that is what is causing my discomfort.. as I really can't believe it is the chemo for me..

Well just relax and get better.. we all want you well.


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Soooo, are you heading to the ER to do the retest?? Look after yourself!!! My oncologist always adds the calcium blood test as an extra along with my CEA and I've never really understood why.

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Will be thinking of you Jennie. Glad your oncology team is on top of this even though it's the 4th.
Hope this all gets resolved soon!!!!!!

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I know you won't like it but (my opinion only) perhaps you should be admitted rather than going back and forth to the ER. Once your blood crashes, everything else comes tumbling down and to get everyhthing stable again, admission is sometimes necessary that way you get continuous fluids and they monitor you much more than you could do at home. Its not fun, I know, but perhaps that is the best place right now so you can stay on track for the Cyberknife.

Love and Hugs - Tina

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That's good advice Tina~
Take care,

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I agree with Tina. No one likes to be in hospital but sometimes it is the best place, at least temporarily.

Prayers coming your way for swift improvement in all your numbers so that you can stay on track for Cyberknife.


Marie who loves kitties

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I am so sorry to read about your problem with blood counts. I am not sure why your Onc hasn't offered that you be admitted, at least temporarily, until counts can be stabilized and diarrhea can be abated, vs telephone tag and running to the ER. Hugs and prayers of healing and comfort

P.S.: Venting is an important part of our healing and reduces stress/anxiety for many...vent on Jennie.

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Sending you warm thoughts tonight. I hope that they can get your counts back up soon.
Take care, and try to get some well needed sleep.
Hugs, Cynthia

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Possibly the steroids, see what onc recommends.
I am still ob 20mg melatonin each night, I sleep like a baby including the nappies and the pops. Except for the last three nights which have been all clean. So diet and probiotics can change our quality of lie, they for me.


Ps checkout Wheatgrass post, it may help, it will make your system alkaline and your pipoops green.
Might help with counts, ask me in a few months.

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Waiting to hear the outcome. I'm hoping everything is making a turn for the better!

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So sorry that you are going through this. I've been on that and it can kick your butt big time. Had an ileo at the time so constant dumping was my problem. Wish you can get some relief. Take care of yourself and do what the doctor orders.

Hugs! Kim

Cathleen Mary
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Oh, Jennie, I am so sorry that you are having to deal with one more thing! Sounds like doc is on top of this; I, too, hope he admits you for your own comfort. Prayers and healing thoughts are going your way.

Cathleen Mary

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They better get your numbers under control. You need your rest which would make your life so much better. Praying you get better soon. Jeff

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OK, we are sending good thoughts, prayers, and vibes your way, Jen.

After the third treatment my sleep schedule was sketchy at best. After 3-4 days I could sleep more normal again. Then by the time the two weeks were up, I was feeling rested and decent, then under go it again.

Best Always, mike

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Get better immediately, okay? Love you!


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I hope we hear from you tomorrow. Right now I am praying that you are getting a good nights sleep. Sending you a big hug.


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Hi, Jennie... I hate staying at the hospital too but I think Tina is right, its may be just what you need right now. They can give you something to help you sleep while they monitor you. Let them do the worrying so that you rest a bit and get some strength back. You are such a kind person and I am sorry you are having to go through this. Big hug!


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Jennie, as you once told me, "vent away". You are dealing with so much, if you didn't vent you would probably explode.
so by all means vent away.
hoping you get past this latest hurdle quickly.
i am sending prayers, hugs and anything else i can think of to try and help you.
Love you,

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