Stomach cancer can be cured with possibilities?

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I've heard stomach cancer can be cured, which bring me lots of joy besides so much tears. I hope that it's something small so that surgery will do everything. - lower abdominal pain

I'm scared... very scared...But except scared, I should never give up. Hope everyone will have a happy ending. - pain in right side


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    I wish you the best and many
    I wish you the best and many more blessing to come and always more nervous like i do they first diagnose esophagus and now i foundout that the dr said more likely i have stomach cancer... andthe sugeon i spoke to total was total change the story from esophagus to total stomach remove so i dotn know what to do i was shocked but be thankful and umm i stil havemore to research i research on espagus more and now to the stomach... it s like starting al over to learn the new topic about the stomach
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    Yes, it is possible to CURE
    Yes, it is possible to CURE it.
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    Yes, it is the easiest
    Yes, it is the easiest cancer to cure now. Just take it easy and see your doctor. He will help you get rid of it. - cheap corsets
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    Hi there. I know it's scary to have cancer. And I know it's scary to do surgery and such but hang in there and it's ok to be scared! You see, my mom is stage 4 stomach cancer and she is suriving. I looked up so many things that cures cancer and it says that natural way is the best!
    After surgery or something, try out the natural way. Eat lots of healthy fruits and veggies. Exercise alot. Have some fresh air for a while. And try out a fruit called SourSop! I heard it's suppose to be really good for killing cancer and 10k more effective than chemo.
    Hope this helped!
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    long time
    my wife is a 15 year survivor of stomach cancer and it is a challenge daily but it is possible. If you need help and more info, she will be glad to tell you everything. God bless you