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SGN35 is beating me up

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Have done all chemos you can think of, never delt with side effects until now. Fatigue, partial loss of appetite. I'm thinking because it's my sisters sc I am reacting different.

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Posts: 101
Joined: Mar 2012

Guess I'm not one of the popular kids

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I don't know anything about stem cells or the procedure. Does it make a difference in how a person feels "who" the stem cells come from? I should probably learn more about it in case it's something I should ever have to do. Sorry you are feeling tired and dealing with loss of appetite...the fatigue for me since finishing chemo has been somewhat of a bummer. I use to be so active, but not nearly as active now. Hope you start feeling better.
Best wishes...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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I haven't even began treatment yet, it's only been a week and a half scence dx so I'm hardly the voice of experience but I hope you feel better soon . What a great gift your sister gave you. Keep your chin up and look foreward to all the great years you 2 will spend together.

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Hi Diaz,
Sorry That I didn't post sooner, I haven't been on all day. I also don't know much about SCT but I was wondering if you were also in the hospital like the other folks also getting SCT? I went to look into your about me page but didn't see any info, I remember that you had gotten approved to the experimental drug...but I don't remember your type of lymphoma (sorry).

I really do hope that this drug works for you, even though you're having a hard time with it right now. Hang in there buddy and take care of yourself. (((Hugs))) Please keep us posted ok.


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