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Chemo Embolization and Liver Cancer

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My husband was diagnosed with liver cancer in November. No treatment, no cure, however, chemo embolization could increase his time. In January he had the 1st one, it went fine, no side effects. They repeated it 6/18 and completely different reaction, can't keep him awake, no motor skills (can't feed or drink himself). Why would it be so different this time, It is now 9 days after treatment and he hasn't improved. I have read they often do embolization 10-12 mos apart, was the 2nd one too close? Really would like to hear from someone with experience.

I am at my wits end.

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My situation seems very much like yours...unfortunately for both of us.
My husband was diagnosed in December...had first TACE(Transarterial Chemoembolization)in early March...took long time to recuperate. However, since there was significant success of shrinking tumor, another was recommended, which was June 19. At first it appeared to be a little easier until few days ago: weaker and sleeping alot and periodic more intense pain(this is result of blood supply cut off to tumor--embolization).

Anyway, it is difficult to watch him go through this...I hate that I can't do more and sometimes just seem to annoy him by hovering and checking his forehead or trying to suggest different things to eat or drink...

I know that it has been a week since you posted so I hope your husband has improved. I know it is still going to be difficult though, so I hope you have a nurse you can call with questions or concerns...like "If he is dehydrated, it could cause the fatigue and weakness, so should I take him to get IV fluids?" This is not uncommon and I plan do so in the morning.)

You do want to make sure there is no infection or other issue so that you can be sure this is just his body's reaction and fatigue from "battling the evil tumor."

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Please, please have his lab work checked. He could be suffering from an electrolyte imbalance, or an elevated ammonia level and or dehydration. He needs to have lab work done ASAP. The things you mentioned could be reversable. Don't take no for an answer, insist that they check these things.

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