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Numb lips, hands and arms

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I was just wondering if anyone has any advice. I recently switched medical providers and have been on a new perscription of Levothyroxine, but different manufacturers. I am about 35, 5'2 weigh about 150 lbs, I went on a low calorie diet 950 calories a day, I work out and lift weight 4-5 times a week, and I am a size 6. This new doctor is always trying to refer me to weight management classes and healthy eating, despite the fact that I have told her I eat very healthy, run as well as work out quite a bit. I have recently been having this tingling sensation and feelng of numbness around my lips, my arms feel weak and tingly as well as my eyes feel foggy. I call the doctors and ask them but the first thing they ask me if if I received the information about the weight management classes. I polietly say I am not interested and ask about my meds and tell of the symptoms but I am told not to worry. I am beginning to get a little brain foggy and I just want to cry at every little thing. Could this be my meds or somehow related to my thyroid or lack of? I had thyroid cancer about 2 years ago, a total thyroid removal as well as iodine radiatin that kept me in the hospital for 4 days. Could it be my calcium even though it has been a while since surgrey and post op calcium levels were fine? I'm just getting a little frustrated! Tired of feeling like crap! Please someone tell me its not my weight as my doctor seem to be hinting to me.

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Just my opinion, but when you have a doctor that is unwilling to review your concerns it may be time to seek a second opinion from another doctor if it is possible. Your concerns are valid and deserve to be heard not overlooked....Sometimes a patient can be very sensitive to changes in medication, even small ones. A fresh perspective and review of your case can't hurt. Best of luck to you!

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I'm certainly no expert but after my TT I had mega troubles with my calcium and I had all of those same symptoms. I would have some blood work done to check.

Take Care.

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I agree that this could be a calcium issue. Time to get a new doctor. Your height/weight sound proportional, so don't let them pass this off a a weight issue.

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HI Anna, I ve had tingling on my fingers 3days after my total thyroidectomy and came out that my calcium
Level was low. Have your Dr check your calcium level.

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...I also experienced the numb, tingling sensation in my lips, hands, and arms and it was due to low calcium levels. My experience was severe... the tingling was throughout my entire body and my fingers and toes became drawn into cramping positions. I had to be hospitalized and given calcium infusions. I now have to take six 500mg calcium + D3 tablets, two 0.5mcg Calcitriol tablets and three 500mg magnesium tablets daily to keep my calcium levels balanced. I had a total thyroidectomy on June 5, 2012. I'm currently waiting for my TSH levels to rise enough for my RAI treatment.

Hoping you have found relief by now...

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