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FOLFOX side effects??? I dont know...can you tell me?

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Howdy All! :-)

I just started Folfox last week and I thought it was going ok....but all these "new" things are coming up and I don't know if they are related? ....side effects??? are really what to think...and of course who better to tell me than those that have lived it!!! God...I'm blessed!!
I have refused to not eat cold cause I love cold so I have not gave up ice cream....or soda....or ANYTHING cold...and it was a little annoying the first 3 days but not at all anymore....so thats good! (MAGS...you still laughing?? LOL)

ok...wierd stuff happening.... mouth peeling skin off gums....swelling gums at times...sore gums and hard to eat at times...this all comes and goes.

I have had heartburn the past 2 days...NEVER get heartburn. anything I eat I get a stomachache and literally belch a mouthful back out....sorry for the graphics. Then I'm good.

The big thing is my butt has been bleeding. Bright red blood like hemroid blood. BUT there is small amounts of blood IN the stool too. Not a lot but enough to notice. I might mention that I am eating an obscene amount of food at this time and it is causing me to poop...A LOT...cause its a LOT of food!! I eat all night long because of these Steroids.....and I have to be on them 2 more weeks so that aint gonna stop soon. You think all this eating and pooping is causing the bleeding or is it FOLFOX related??? Does Folfox cause gastric symptoms. Oh my God I am so full and cant stop eating.....LOL...its really retarded!!!

So...If you are Folfox knowledgeable I sure would appreciate some input! Thanks guys!


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Every time an old thread like this pops up along with comments from old-timers, it provides a chilling reminder of just how ruthless and unforgiving this disease can be. This thread talks about starting folfox and is less than a year old.

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Idlehunters was not starting FOLFOX for the first time.  She was dealing with recurrence (you'll note she joined in 2009).

This is one reason I would say the old threads should not be revived, as it can give a skewed perspective on things.


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