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Seen my brother, update

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I prayed before I went to see him, I knew I had nothing I could give to make him feel any better, but asked God to use me in some way.
I entered his room and Kathy (his wife) told Jr I was there I went to his bedside and grabbed his hand and he began to sob. I did not recognize him, only his hair and his weakened voice.
He told me he was starving to death, he had nothing since being in there just the IV which was only fluid to keep him from dehydrating.
He was so weak from lack of any nutrition.
He can barely swallow sips of water.
He told me they give him his pill for pain but he doesn't believe it is getting down him as he gags up and he is feeling pain.

God ordained my visit, Kathy left the room, the pastor there left the room. I asked my husband to step out and took my brother's hand and cried out to God.
My brother began to pray and his voice grew loud and strong as he prayed and worshiped his God. I'm sure everyone on the floor heard him praying.
Though his body is weak his spirit is strong!

When Kathy came in I again asked about a shot of morphine instead of a pill. She went to find someone and some nurse came in and Kathy asked about a shot and she just looked hesitant and I said, I KNOW YOU CAN GIVE A SHOT OF MORPHINE, HE FEELS THE PILL IS NOT GOING DOWN AND IS IN PAIN!!!
She said she would contact the doctor and left the room.

It was 4pm and he still had to wait for the special nutrients they were to give him through his port which wouldn't be there until 6pm.

After I left there I went by to see our momma.
While there with mom Kathy called and said they came in and gave him the shot of morphine and he was now asleep. And the doctor came in and said Jr is scheduled for the scope just do not know the time as of yet.

Mom and my sister in law informed me that since my brother has been in the hospital he has been incoherent, when his children came in the room to see him he pushed everyone away.
He has not responded to any one, not even his wife Kathy.

But when I took his precious small hand he was of clear mind and was talking as always, but just in a weak voice.

I know God answered my prayer, God gave me and my brother this time together, I will cherish this for always.

It was 6pm when they did bring him the nutrients and was feeding him through his port, Jr never knew because he was just totally out.

He will be having the scope today, I hope it is this morning, he could have no liquids after midnight and of course he hasn't had any anyhow because he can't get it down.

What gets me is the doctor or nurses couldn't think to give him his morphine through a shot instead of a pill he can't swallow.

I will let you all know as soon as I hear from the scope.

Thank you for prayers and words of encouragement.

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(((((((Loretta & Bill))))))) sending you hugs and thanks for being there for me.

The hospital is IU Laporte Hospital, small town hospital.

The link is below:

It is now 10:47 am central time and still they have not come to give him the scope.
Pray it will be soon.

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It was food that was stuck and they were able to push it on through!
I don't know much details as they were getting ready to take him to his room and Kathy was with him.
I do know that he can only eat pureed foods. It can't be thicker than a milkshake and he must drink a lot of fluids after each bite.
The tumor is large and his stent is the size of a straw.

I will post more as the details come.

Thanking God for letting them be able to push this food through at least he will be relieved of that discomfort!!

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That is great news!! I'm so glad you were there for him. I'm glad that God heard us all. I wish Jr the very best. I hope that you will continue to be a strong advocate for him. He is so blessed to have you.

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Jr, may come home today. But some things have changed, the Gastroenterologist said Jr could eat as long as it was put in a blender but the cancer doctor said NO!
His esophagus area is so narrow and runs through just a small opening of the tumor he can only have clear liquids for the rest of his life.

The food had got stuck at the opening of the stomach and over time just kept getting compacted until it reached the top of his throat.
They were able to pull out much from the top and then washed down the other into the stomach.

When Jr ate his "nutrition tray" this morning which was jello, broth, juice, he felt full for the first time because it actually made its way into the stomach.

He can still eat 'mom's homemade soup' as long as it it strained through a cheese cloth with absolutely no particles.

He will get his nutrition through the Boost Breeze drinks, and working with the nutritionist.

He is so thin now and lost 2 lbs just since yesterday.

He is anxious to leave the hospital and get back in his own bed.

The good news is he can at least swallow liquids, for this he is thankful.

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