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Update- my CT results, any thoughts??

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So I had my appt for pre-op today. We also went over the CT scan results. The Dr. believes there are spots on my appendix, spleen, possibly on my colon, and bowel. He still says there is always a possibility that it will just be endometriosis, but they are preparing for the worst... that it is cancer and it has spread. I did labs today. If these labs come back elevated, his plan is to do an open surgery to remove ovaries and a complete hysterectomy. At that time if they see cancer on these other spots, they will do a heated chemo while I am open. The heated chemo will only happen if my blood tests from today show elevated. If they do, he is not sure that the surgery can still happen this Monday as planned. He has to get an entire 2nd team for the heated chemo during open surgery and they are not sure if there is enough time to get it all put together by Monday. He says if that is the case, that may be all I need for now, the surgery and that chemo. Otherwise, if the labs do not show elevated we are still on for the hysterectomy as planned for this Monday am. We are praying that the labs do not show elevated. He keeps saying maybe endometriosis even though my symptoms show more likely cancer. They just will not know until they open me up. If cancer is found, he may have to remove other organs/parts. This is terrifying!!! He explained that he may have to remove some part of the colon or bowel and resow them back together. So frightening. There are a lot of possible complications with all of these things of course.

I know it is early to ask, but what stage does this sound like?

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Based on what you say was seen on the scan, it sounds like stage III, if it is cancer. Truly, I hope it is not. If it has not infiltrated into the liver or spread to the lungs, it should not be stage IV. If they have to remove the "other parts" you mention, it is the normal practice for debulking surgery. The goal is to get out all the visible cancer that is 1 centimeter, or larger, and in order to do that, they often have to remove the things he mentioned. It all sounds terrifying, but it is all managable. They will use pain medicine to control the pain. If your bowel doesn't start up right after surgery, they may insert a tube though your nose and into your stomach to give your bowel a rest for a few days. This is all normal. I found the tube to be worse than the surgery. This is one of those situations where you have to give up control and let your doctor do what he is trained to do. He sounds like he is on top of things. I knew they did the heated chemo during surgery in Europe, but didn't know anyone was doing it here. It sounds as if you are in good hands.

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that your labs show no elevation. My pre-surgery CT scan showed a baseball size tumor on my right ovary. During abdominal surgery, my gyn/onc surgeon removed the tumor, my omentum, about one foot of lower bowel (because the tumor had attached itself there) which they re-sewed back together, and I had a total hysterectomy. No other organs and lymph nodes were affected and I was staged at 2b. I was in the hospital for about nine days, mainly because it took a while for me to pass gas, but the pain meds were great. My new "normal" now is to have about four or five small bowel movements a day, instead of one or two, but it really is easy to adapt to.

Please keep us posted. We're here to support you!


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I agree sounds like stage IIIC, which is what I have and sounds like exactly the surgery that I had performed in January of last year. Do not be frightened, the surgery wasn't that bad and my Dr. took out all kinds of tissue that had spots larger than 1 cm. After surgery I had 6 cycles of Chemo. I have been in remission for 1 year from the last chemo treatment and 18 months from the surgery.

You can do this, don't dwell alot on it (I know easy to say if you are the one worry about the surgery). Your Physician sounds like he really know what he is doing and let him and your cancer team do your job. They have made great strides in ovarian cancer in the last 10 years. We will all think about you, pray for you, send virtual hugs your way and will support you in any way we can. Like my surgeon told be as I was wheeled into OR - THINK GOOD THOUGHTS and he gave me a big hug. SO think good thoughts, you can beat this and you can live with this.

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like a similar surgery to what I had. It was all removed, had the bowel resection, etc etc. I had chemo for 8 cycles (carbo/taxol) and enjoyed an 8 month remission. Many many have enjoyee much much longer! There is lot's of hop for you!

PS keep us posted on how surgery goes.

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