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Looking for a site, book on Hospice - when is it time

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My father-in-law was diagnosis last Sept and had radiation but because of his age now 87 and health that was the only treatment. The last PEt scan in December showed 4 spots in other parts of his body and in May a new visible lump appeared on the bone just below his collar. And now he is experiencing back pain and for him to tell us means it must be bad. So we return to the doctor last week and he told us Hospice while not right now likely in the next month or two and would strongly recommend no further raidation(the treatment would likely take him sooner than not doing anything).

So now we are trying to educate ourselves on hospice. And the uterine cancer formum was a great wealth of information and helped me as I was diagnosis in March of this year but was very lucky and surgery was the only treatment required.

Thanks for any advice or leads you can give us as we begin this last phase of our journey

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If your dad is not having any more treatment call hospice now. It is unbelievable what they can do for quality of life. They are a wonderfull organization and they gave my husband two great months. If you have more than one hospice in your area do reseash them. Try to find a non profit one. I have heard a few bad things about some hospice organzations. We were so fortunate with the treasure coast hospice they not only helped Jarrell they also helped me a great deal. We were given everything we needed and more and the care was so compasionate and wonderfull.

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