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"I hurt myself today"

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(Johnny Cash reference)

Just as I was posting what I thought was a funny thing about me and my dog, I learned that a dear friend had passed away. In CSN (Cancer Survivor Network) we knew him as Ezekiah or, as I called him, Zeke.

It seems it was only a few days ago that he posted a pic of himself in the hospital, confident that he would be getting out and doing a bit of home care before moving on with his life.

I took him at his word, because he has always been an honest man, sometimes a brutally honest man, but always a kind man.

I remember that early on in our relationship, I called him an SOB, assuming it is of standard usage now and was certainly not meant to offend him. He did take umbrage with it, he DID take it as a severe slight against his mother, and I had to consider that sensitivity and literal understanding of words when we spoke in the future, which we did often once he forgave me :).

I remember that he loved his wife so much, long after she had passed away from cancer herself, that he would infrequently simply post something in her honor, a remembrance and a signature of his abiding love, which I respected greatly.

I remember that he had great pride in his children and adored his grandkids, and that he loved Michigan, and that he loved his former life as a big rig driver apparently of many varieties.

And I remember his love for me, and for others in CSN, and how his loyalty, once earned, was forever without doubt.

He could be a curmudgeon and I sometimes wondered how much of that was real and how much was staged, especially for the ladies, It didn't matter. The ones I knew who knew him loved him as I do.

This world has lost a gentle man and I am in tears.


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R.I.P. Zeke.

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ty Joe well said
goodby Eze

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Rest in peace Zeke...I will miss you. Makes for a sad day. He friended me at a time when I was needing much comfort. Strangers, but yet connected. Love...Sue
(FNHL-stg3-dx 6/10)

Thanks Joe for posting this about Zeke, I also read his about me page and expression posts and hadn't seen anything from him for several months now. Dan

Didn't have the priviledge of knowing Zeke. Wasn't sure if I should invade your post...but have also felt the loss of another cancer survivor who was amazing. All my warmest wishes are with you all that loved this dear soul. Katie

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I also didn't have the pleasure of knowing him. But I am sure if you spoke very highly of him, he must have been a stand up guy, that I would have liked to know. I find it very difficult to lose friends from CSN. Even though I haven't met any of them, there is still a very close bond, unfortunately cancer, but never the less a bond.

Rest in peace.


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I miss him!


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