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melanoma recurrence, help!

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help! i am so devastated. it was found in my groin area. i have to go to md anderson in houston on the 10th of july. they will probably do surgery. i am so scared i dont know what to do. can anyone help me? i need someone to talk to!

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I have never had cancer nor do I ever hope to have it but my husband,33, just finished 6 rounds of biochemotherapy at MD Anderson for stage 4 Melanoma, in his brain, sinus cavity, and lung. He does not have any tumors anymore. I thank God for that first and foremost and then I thank the good doctors at MD Anderson. I want to tell you not to be scared but its only reasonable, something would be wrong if you weren't! BUT you will be at the BEST cancer hospital in the WORLD. You will be ok, have faith! Miracles happen everyday. I will be keeping you in my prayers and thoughts! I keep a blog at sinuscancer.blogspot.com if you would like to read our story. I wish you the best sweet catmandu. xo

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What type of biochemotherapy did your husband receive at MD Anderson? My significant other was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma in March. He had three lesions on his brain. He had sterotactic radiation in April. Brain mets are showing signs of decay and last MRI showed no additional tumors. He just finished his fourth infusion of Yervoy and Dacarbazine. We are on a "break" until August when another MRI and PET/CT scans will be ordered. If all is well, he will continue with the Yervoy infusions every three weeks for a year. This is such a horrible disease . . . everyday I pray for healing and a cure for all. Take care.

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thank you kendra for the sweet words. i will be going on the 10th of july and i am very worried about it. i dont want to go through the chemo.

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I was diagnosed in June of 2008. Had surgery at the tumor site and had 2 lymnph nodes removed under each arm, left side was cancerous and had the rest of the lymph nodes removed from the left side. I did 13 mos of immunotherapy (interferon)lost most of my hair and 90lbs. It was a rough road, but I stayed posative and had the love of family and friends. Several tests later and I am still cancer free.

Good luck, they will take good care of you, stay posative, even tho you want to give up sometimes get your strength from family and friends. I hope everyhing turns out well.

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ok everyone. i am having my lymph nodes removed on the left side on the 8th of august at md anderson. i am really worried about lymph edema and it may come back in my right groin. who knows? i dont really know if i will go through the surgery or not. i am going in for post op on the 7th with lots of questions so i will find out then if i want to do it. i am 62 and not on medicare yet and my insurance only pays 70 percent. i dont know how i will afford chemo so i guess i wont get it. maybe there will be a clinical trial. i am really worried about this! can i put my email on here for someone to contact me? it is heemomee@gmail.com.

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I added brushing my teeth with baking soda and drinking it with water about a teaspoon full a day for mouth sores and had Milk of Magnesia every so often because of stomach problems while I was on Chemo. I was on Chemo for 7 Months and I have been cancer free for the last 6 month now... My cancer from Melanoma spread from my back to my right lymph node under my arm to my liver and lung.... My chemo was Zofram, Decadron, and Dacarbazine, but my Dr. said I will go on Yervoy if the cancer comes back... I found this information this week about keeping my PH level on the normal to high side. I went this week to the Vitamin Shopp and purchased some pH strips to try and keep my pH normal to high range and I went for another scan yesterday... everything is worth a try... Praying for you.... may the LORD BLESS you all.
You might read this more then once because I'm letting everyone know!!!
I don't know if the change in my diet had anything to do with me being cancer FREE these 6 Months but Everything is worth a try. I'm praying for another 6 Months.

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I so beleive what ur saying about keeping ur body in the alkaline PH 7.5 - 8.0 or so. I eat only high alkalin food. I'm trying the 8oz. water with a teaspoon of baking soda and a little honey every morning. Also trying the sour sop drink. Hell I'll try almost anything to keep cancer away. Thank you for ur web site. I'll look into it. I had chemo in 2006-2007 Still fighting cancer. I have Melanoma stage 4 I have my good days and bad days u know. Hope you are well and live life to the fullest.

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Good luck to you and my family will keep you in our prayers. Try to focus on strengths, positives and family, even though I know it must be incredibly hard. I worried greatly when I was diagnosed with melanoma. Even though I am supposedly cancer free now , I sometimes let worry back in. Sometimes, when I am very anxious and worrying about my health, I try to focus on what is good in my life, what positives are and try to draw strength from that and from those around me who care about me. It is so hard and I pray that you have peace with this today and that you do well in pre-op today and in surgery tomorrow.

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