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Detailes of Chicago Trip

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I'm sorry that I have to disapoint all you ladies about my trip to Chicago. The only exciting things I got to do was to roll June's mother(in a wheel chire)in and out of the house for 4 1/2 weeks. The rest of the time I just watched T.V.

We did get to go shopping once at Guernee Mills,Guernee and once at the big Wal-Mart in Lake Zurich, but not at the same times. Gertrude(June's mother),who got to ride in a wheel chire, was more tired after shopping than I was.

June's mom was having trouble getting around by herself after spending 3 to 4 mounths in rehab learning to walk and in the hospital for fluid around her lungs. She started out unable to stand up or move on her own without someone holding her up. When we left there after four weeks, she was getting up and walking with a cane without any help. She had Physical Therapy people come out three times a week to help biuld up her arm and leg muscles.

I did get to go see three movies,when Gurt was taking her afternoon naps,while I was there, "Battleship","Avengers" and "Snow White & the Huntsman".

So, sorry again about not having any amazing stories or tall tails to tell y'all about.


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Bella Luna
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Robert you are a good guy. What a blessing you and your wife are to your MIL, Gertrude. Glad to hear she is on the mend and walking with the help of a cane. It must make you both feel at ease to see how well she is coming along.

I have yet to see any of those movies you mentioned. You're way ahead of me in that department. It's good hearing from you. And... if you should ever feel in the mood to spin a yarn, do share!

Take care, God bless.

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Thanks for sharing this with us Robert! You are a blessing!

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As Bella Luna stated you were a blessing to your wife and MIL. I am certain she appreciate being out a few times. I am glad that she was able to walk. My own mother fell last August and still has a hard time to go out and about on her own. She uses a walker in the house and a scooter in her assisted living place. A very active woman before her fall and broken femur (by the hip). Still in Physical Therapy. Probably a lot older than June's mom.

A change of scenery is nice for everyone. Hope you enjoyed your ride back and forth and living in another state for a while.

Stay well, Robert,


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Well look at it this way your arms got a workout! What a nice guy helping out. It was boring here too just more of the same all around. Terry

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What do you mean not having an amazing story? I would say that you are pretty amazing ....

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Just kidding! For some reason I have a feeling that you had a lot to do with the health improvements of your MIL

It may not have been too exciting but sounds like a satisfying trip.

Glad you are back!


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We all have family commitments that we do out of the love, and from our Hearts. Your wife, is your Heart -- so I know why you pushed, sat, attended and visited Gert! It
is difficult when loved ones age. More so, when they do not live near us.

Kudos to you Robert .. Job well done!

Vicki Sam

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