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Reversal Postponed

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Just got the word that my ileostomy reversal scheduled for this coming Wednesday (6/13) is postponed due to my lab work showing a low white cell count. It is 3.74 and the normal range is 4 to 10. It is seven weeks since I completed my adjunctive 12 chemotherapy treatments and I never dreamed my counts would be an issue.

Have any of you experienced this and how long until my count should rebound. They are scheduling a Neulasta shot. I had to have this shot every other round of chemotherapy to keep counts up. This is just very discouraging... I was all mentally and physically (work related) ready to go in to surgery. Thanks for listening. :(

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So sorry to hear that reversal has to be postponed, but better that then going into surgery with low counts. You need best health possible so that you have good and fastest healing after.

Best wishes at getting the counts back up to surgery range soonest.

Marie who loves kitties

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It is disappointing but you need to be strong going into surgery and have your white cells ready for action to help you heal.
Sorry for the delay....it is hard when you get your mind wrapped around something and geared up for 'it', only to have it change, again.
Hang in there~

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