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Somebody said to me yesterday, what I am going through is not fair and I don't deserve it. My response was none of us, any of the children, NOBODY deserves this....and, I DO NOT walk this road alone. I walk along side all you, following those who have come before us and, hopefully, adding some comfort to those that follow.

You all have been such an inspiration and as I have said before, I think of you as sisters of my heart.

A great day to all....

Love, Pat

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I'm right with you, knowing we have each other for support is truly wonderful. I can tell you all if I had to rely on my husband to understand my fears, I'd be a mess. Unless one has walked in our shoes, they truly have no clue how we really feel.

Thanks to all my warrior sisters....

God bless each and every one of you to continue on a healthy path in life~~


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Thanks Pat and Jan. I too agree with you. I feel so close to many here who have chatted with me and we have developed relationships.

This common bond we have is unique and special - maybe one of the blessings that "Chester" has helped bring to me.

I remember watching a video where a woman with cancer was asked if she ever thinks, "why me?" Her response was, "why NOT me?". This disease doesn't discriminate and is a huge trial but it does have some wonderful aspects - like all here.

Sending love and caring to all. Mary Ann

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I really appreciate these boards. My sister and daughter do not understand as they have not been in this position. I have a co-worker that was dx with ovarian cancer and I talked with her while she was going through her chemo treatmentw. Later one of my pass supervisors was in a meeting with upper management from her department and they mentioned what a blessing I had been to her. He told me that they mmentioned me and I told him it was just as much a blessing to me that I had someone at work that knew what i was going through. Fears, worrys, check ups ct scans, healing, changes to the body and the whole thing. Just like these boards, sisters of the heart. Thanks to all that share their knowledge. trish

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