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Tom and I are off to Las Vegas...

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He's going with a drain into one lung...liquid is collecting between the membranes. So I'm the designated Nurse Rachet to hook it up and put that darn transparent, water proof film on. First I did it, didn't think it was right so I ran to the drug store and got Tagaderm film squares. His side looked a patched inner tube. After he had it checked, I was spot on. I did order small sterile gloves, those were way to big, this are just right and extra transparent films. Screw that up and the kit is wasted...

He was game for the trip...so it's his Father's Day present from me. He does his CT right after we get back. Hasn't had chemo in 14 weeks and that's a scary thought. But will worry about that if and when we have to.

Right now...our plane leaves at 9:50 CDT and we're ready to have fun. I plan to swim and sun and play the penny slots...get a spa afternoon and shop in the Forum shops..maybe they have a button I can afford..vbg. Actually I have to shop at Margraritavile for a friend and myself.

Did I forget to mention I love strawberry Margaritas and will be enjoying those!


we're still hanging in...it will be three years July 20th...which I never thought would happen.

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Enjoy and have a wonderful time. I've never been to vegas. I have always wanted to go.
Praying for the ct scan to be a good one,

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Have a great time! While enjoying your strawberry margaritas, have one for us all here. We could sure use one. Be safe and may all his scans be good ones. BMGky

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Hi Jan,
Hope you and Tom have a wonderful time and get really lucky and also hope the CT scan goes well too. Play those slots and enjoy the sun!!! We love Margaritaville too, I love Hurricanes and I think it was a Zombie not sure but loved it in New Orleans. So glad to see what troopers you are and not letting tubes get in the way of your trip. You are a wonderful caregiver. Enjoy, hugs!!

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Have fun! I can't get my mom to take any type of trip at all and that's too bad, she really loves Vegas. Have fun for us!

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Yes! Vegas! You guys will love it. Please enjoy yourself and win some money on those penny slots!

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Good for you both!!! Have a great trip and lots and lots of relaxing fun!

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Have a great time! catch a show, gamble, shop and..........well like they say what happens in Vegas stays Vegas.


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