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what a surprise

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Today was "national survival cancer day" and the Indiana/Illinois area had a picnic for survivors in this region. The ocologists and nurses from the hospitals nominate and select the 2012 survivor of the year. By some miricle I was chosen that person! I couldn't believe it. I should have known something was up when everyone in the family showed up. It was great and meant a lot. The nurses at the center are the best. Praying for all of us. Jeff

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No surprise at all . . . you seem to be a true gentleman and very deserving of the award. If my experience on this board is any indication, you're a caring guy and an inspiration to us newbies that are just getting started on this journey. Well deserved!

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Congatulations on a well deserved award!

Praying that for many years to come you are there to pass on the award to another as deserving...or to be there to cheer a cure.



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What an honor and well deserved!


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Yes, well deserved for sure.

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ps i am praying for us all, as well, we might actually get some results. at least one or two miracles a year would be nice.

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Congratulations!!! Well deserved for sure.

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What a nice thing to do for your area and congratulations to you. You and your family must be very proud.


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How do we thank people for doing such wonderful things for us? My 12 year old step son played in a baseball tournament this weekend. Since I was recovering from a lung wedge resection I wasn't able to go to any of the games, but I did get up-to-date text messages on the action. Anyway, they took second place. And to my surprise my step son brought home the trophy and a signed game ball for me. They missed me at the game and wanted me to know that they were playing for me. How wonderful and touching it was for me!

God Bless all the wonderful people in our lives that truly want to let us know they care and Love us! May God bring them mountains of Love in return!

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How SWEET JEFF, you're obviously in the hearts of those nurses :)

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Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Ann

Cathleen Mary
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What wonderful news for a wonderful person!!!! It lifted my heart. Savor the moment. Congratulations!

Cathleen Mary

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Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. You have obviously been an inspiration to others besides just here! I appreciate all your support. Praying for you, too.


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What a nice thing to have happen to you!

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