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Woke up with cold symptoms - started chemo Friday/please help

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Guess my body must be a little broken down from the surgeries I had. Started chemo Fri., Oxalyp., Folfox, Xeloda and today I have a swollen gland under my right jaw and feel like a cold is coming on.
They drew my blood but I don't know what my cell count was. It was ok three or so weeks ago. I guess this was bound to happen?
I don't have a fever and did sleep well last night.
I have lost a considerable amount of weight due to decreased diet.

This is my fifth infusion but my last one was in Jan. before surgery.

I will call the Dr. on call soon.

Is this something to be greatly concerned about? I have read about other conditions that can develop...

I worked thru all my other infusions, no complications.

Any help appreciated. I don't have a caretaker and my older kids are home with me.
Just a little scared. I will have to go into the city if anything further develops....

Thank you for your help and suggestions.

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its good to listen to your body at every point, but don't panic to early.

it just might be a cold or the start of something, but odds are, from reading your post that you we're healthy yesterday and feel like crap today. Drink lots of water, get some juice in you if you can... and some fruit. and REST today.

yes, call the doc... but since you don't have a fever, that's real good news.
keep taking your temperature if things change.

I'm 7 months into this, 22 treatments very similar to yours... i've lost considerable amount of weight... went from 220 to 185. but the weight loss has leveled out and my food intake is much better than a few months ago.

it's good to complain and keep your doctor informed, but don't panic.
keep smiling and push forward...



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I'd call the doctor. I know after a weekend of being outdoors and sucking endlessly on popsicles I developed a cold sore on my lip, it was small. When I went to the oncologist appointment they made a big deal about this little cold sore telling me to use antibiotic cream on it and to be very careful because it could be a source of infection that could become quite serious. I didn't think it was a big deal, I get them all the time when I've been in the sun or the wind...but their reaction to it was that it was or could become a big deal.

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Joe and smokeyjoe.
Thank you for your posts.
The on call Dr. called me back and said too early into treatment for low count.
I took tylenol and am drinking water and hot lemon water....ugh
Guess I am a little panicky starting chemo again. I get mag. and calcium drip because I got severe
leg cramping w/an earlier infusion. The leg stiffness is subsiding and I need to get outside and walk.
Its so great to have understanding folks on these boards. My immediate family is my 81
year old mother (out of state) who calls and asks me about the weather and her sister who is an hour away and emails to say always something with 'C'. Guess some people don't understand the courage and fear that goes hand and hand with this disease.
I should have started another post on this topic.
Thanks again and now I can get my day going!
I know I have to keep moving forward.... :-)

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