Have you tried "alternative" treatment or therapies?

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My husband was diagnosed with DIPG in January 2011. He completed radiotherapy in April 2011. He is currently stable and feeling okay. (His only symptoms were headaches.)

I often look up alternative treatments. We've considered DCA and Ruta 6, but haven't gotten to that point yet. When he was sick/nauseous all the time with radiation, we talked about medicinal marijuana for that, but he's active duty in the military, so that isn't an option. He will be medically retired in a few months, and today I came across some information for marijuana not only treating the nasty side effects of treatments, but also being linked to reducing brain tumors.


I also have a friend who works with therapeutic grade essential oils and she has a family member who uses them in addition to traditional treatments for leukemia. We just started using them. Please let me know if you'd like any information on this. I figure: It can't hurt!

Does anyone have any experience with this or any other alternative treatments?

Thanks for reading this!


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    alternative treatments
    I highly recommend:

    Surviving Terminal Cancer: Clinical Trials, Drug Cocktails, and Other Treatments Your Oncologist Won't Tell You About
    by Ben Williams

    Please also see on the web:

    Treatment Options for Glioblastomas

    by the same author

    He is 16 year survivor of brain cancer.

    Melatonin and PSK are commonly used alternatives.