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Do Lung nodules hurt?

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I know that I have two small lung mets on the surface of my lower left lung. I can feel discomfort from them. Is this possible or is it all in my head? If I can "feel" this then I imagine the surgery will be painful.

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No, lung nodules, themselves, do not hurt. You say they are small... how small? Unless the nodule/tumour is pressing up against something, then you would not notice them. Right now I have a lung tumour (not sure what the difference is between "tumour" and "nodule") that is partially blocking my bronchial airwave. There is absolutely no pain involved BUT the difficulties in breathing and then the inflammation of the airwave caused by this blockage has produced major coughing and coughing "fits". But the tumor itself does not hurt.

Any kind of surgery is going to hurt... whether you are getting your tonsils out, getting your appendix out, or having a tumor removed. There are different procedures such as RFA, Cyberknife, etc. that may be options and they all will have their own degrees of discomfort or pain. The only one I've had experience with was the RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) and it was a walk in the park for me. But then, they did put me under a General Anesthetic so literally I was out cold, woke up, and then went home an hour or two later... as if nothing had happened. The procedure itself zapped the tumour/nodule so it no longer exists... but I felt no different before the procedure and no different after the procedure.

If your two mets/nodules/tumours are very small, then they would be too small to even be pressing up against anything to cause discomfort. So it really depends on how large they are and are they causing discomfort because of pressing up or blocking something.

Hope this helps!

Cheryl in Vancouver

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Good to see you back with us.


Marie who loves kitties

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I have a tumor in my right lung (which is now "virtually gone") and several in my liver and I've never felt pain from any of them. i know that the liver doesn't have never endings, hence no pain there, but I've always wondered why there was not pain in my lung. Even tumor that started in my colon (and got so large that I was putting Preparation H on it, thinking it was a hemorrhoid!) never gave me direct pain. I suppose that's why people often say that the cure is worse than the cause.

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Kenny H.
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Have 7 total in both lungs and do not feel anything at all from them. Mine are small also (5-7mm) & having 1st surgery in July. Just passed the pulmanary test with all that heavy breathing and could not feel them at all. Scan shows them on outer sides of lungs if that matters.

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