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Possible Lymphoma with redness in both eyes

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My mother currently has a mass on her right breast. The doctors performed a biopsy on the mass and found some B-cells. They are suspicious of lymphoma. She went in and received a CT scan of her chest to pelvic area and did not see anything abnormal other than the mass. She's going to receive a 2nd biopsy on her right breast, because she was told that they did not get enough tissue the first time. Now, both of her eyes are red, but her right eye is the worst, causing headaches and a sharp razor like pain in her right eye at times. She was treated for pink eye, but since she does not have pink eye symptoms (mucous secretion and itchiness) and the redness has not dissappeared or decreased for a week, I am suspicious that it may be linked to what is going on in her breast. Currently, we are waiting for her to see an optamologist. In the meantime, I'm very worried and was hoping if anyone has had or know of anyone that has these symptoms that can help me understand what is going on and possible signs or symptoms I should watch out for. Also, was the CT scan of just the chest to pelvic area enough or should a full body MRI be used to see what's going on in her eyes.

Thank you and I hope to hear from anyone that can help me understand what's going on with my mother.

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I never had any symtoms like that nor do I have any redness in my eyes. I have follicular lymphoma. If only the chest and lower body were scanned then it would be necessary to scan the head area as well to see if any tumors are present. The Dr. should be able to take a biopsy of the area to see if anything is going on. Hope this helps a little. John

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The eye problem could be uveitis.See an ey doctor immediately.

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Well, I am not a medical professional, but I've read everything I can find to read about lymphoma and I've never seen anything about eye irritation being a symptom. Your mother should definitely see an ophthalmologist.

Have they done a PET scan yet? That's of more value than an MRI in diagnosing lymphoma, and I'm not sure that an MRI would help in terms of what's up with your mother's eyes, either. What about a bone marrow biopsy? How do they know this is lymphoma, or what kind it is? There are about 30 different kinds of lymphoma, so there's no way to create a treatment plan until there is a lot more information.

Best of luck with this, I know how scary it is not knowing. Remember that the more questions you ask and the more knowledge you have the more emplowered you will feel.

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Some chemos cause eye watering (I had my eyes pour water, due to the chemo in the tear ducts), but that would be relevant only after chemo had begun. I would strongly suspect that red eyes are entirely unrelated to any possible brest cancer.


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