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1 1/2 years out!!

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I have not posted for awhile but am still reading the posts every other week. I completed treatment almost a year and half ago and just had my PET scan and it was all clear!! I wanted to share this good news for all to read because I am just so happy and feel grateful. Also, I want to give hope to those that are just starting the treatment. I feel good, am thankful for each and every day and have adjusted my life to have less stress, spend more time with my child and family and focus on what is truly important. It is perfect? No. But it is what makes me happy and at the end of the day, that is what matters most, right? I have no residual side effect other than a deminished sex drive and that is something I need to work on. Any support or advice appreciated. I want to let those just starting out know that you can beat this and can come out on the other side not only a better person but without many side effects... a new normal... yes, absolutely. How that looks is different for all of us. But the constant... life is precious.

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GREAT NEWS - fabulous to hear as I am preparing to prep the booty for the night. More swelling and more loss of skin in new areas. Ugh! I look forward to the day I can post such good news as you did. I am SO very happy for you and know that I too will make it to the other side. Until then. any advice on the post (below)? I haven't had any responses yet, and I tend to be impatient...

To All Veteran Anal Cancer Survivors who have "BEEN THERE, DONE THAT"

I completed my 29th day of radiation and chemotherapy last Friday. I AM SO THANKFUL TREATMENT IS OVER AND I CAN FOCUS ON HEALING!

Last week my problem was how to keep Silvadene in place while the open wound areas are "weeping." I shower and cleanse a couple of times a day and take sitzbaths throughout the day as well. I was instructed by my radiation oncologist to begin using the Domeboro compresses to those areas to help dry them up. Okay, so I have been doing those but I suppose I need to just keep on keeping on with that as it won't prevent the weeping overnight - give it time. The areas are dry after letting the compresses sit for 15-30 minutes. I then apply a little Lidocaine if I feel the need but I do that only in the areas that are really bothering me at the time; I noticed my booty was feeling a bit numb too often and I didn't like that sensation. So, now it is time to apply the Silvadene AND here comes my concern (Somebody out there has had to have experienced this, too, right?). I cannot hold my booty cheeks apart for 6 hours before the next cleaning and application of meds; therefore, my cheeks/anal area that touches seems to melt the white ointment because after all, it is basically like a built in heater there especially since radiation. I understand I can pull my knees to my chest as I did when delivering my child 16 years ago; I also know I can lie on my stomach with my booty propped up. BUTT... for how long??? and how often? Someone please tell me this is "normal" and I will still heal. Any suggestions that got you through the rest of this pain in the ***?

Gotto find some humor in this somewhere...

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I saw your post but didn't reply as I am no help. For one thing I'm just starting treatment today. The other is that I'm allergic to sulfa drugs so I won't be able to use the Silvadene anyway. I know I saw a post recently about this topic on this board but I don't know where it is. I seem to remember something about using a blow dryer on cool setting to dry the area really good before you apply the cream.

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I had to use Silvadene everywhere on my rear. I would bathe, then pat dry and really lather it on. I wore house dresses with no underwear. I'm sure some of it seemed to wear off, but apparently it was working anyway, because my burns got well. I did peel in one really bad spot for probably 4 weeks. So, the cream is probably working for you even if it seems to disappear. I didn't like the Lidocaine either because the numbness seems to transfer places you don't want it. The heat from the radiation will go away soon and you'll get better.
About three yeas before I got this cancer, I got a tattoo on my right hip. It was a present for my 50th birthday and I thought it was in a spot that no one but my husband would see. Well, I got cancer and I felt like the whole world was seeing it! Even my elderly aunt. Finally I told her if I knew everyone was going to see my a**, I might have thought twice about getting a tattoo. You're right about the humor, you have to laugh when you can.
Hope you get a lot better soon.

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Hi, I am also about 1.5 yrs post treatment so to Gulamin.....Congrats on your good news. My PET scan in Feb. for anal cancer was also NED (tho am having some other issues at this time) but still doing pretty well myself!
To lowens...I could not use the Silvadene, I had an allergic reaction, but was told to try "Dermoplast" spray. It is sold OTC and I bought it at Target. It is usually prescribed after childbirth to heal vaginal/butt area. It is a spray so easy to apply. Any thing will kind od wear off, but I always and still wear a pad (used to wear the long kind) and I felt like what came off my skin was still kind of on the pad so helping. Its a messy process, but healing kicks in pretty fast once done with treatment.
So encouraging to hear from people recovering and recovered.....we are all in this together! As always, all in my prayers!

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That is great news about your clear PET scan! I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your life to the fullest. May you always get good follow-ups!

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So glad to hear your good news! Congratulations!

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So happy to hear your news, that's wonderful!
Hugs and healing wishes,

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So happy to hear your news, that's wonderful!
Hugs and healing wishes,

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