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Ron Gagne - Master Herbalist Holistic Nutritionist

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I was diagnosed with advanced intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma in Aug. 2011 and having little luck after numerous chemo treatments at Mayo in Rochester.

I see Ron Gagne - Master Herbalist Holistic Nutritionalist advertising on a cancer web site and wonder if anyone has used his services and if so did it help you?


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Tia, Im sorry to hear of your predicament. Im surprised that you can still manage to email. My wife's cholangio was diagnosed only last February. She tried gem/ces combination but that didnt seem to work so they put her on Folfox. I do not fully believe chemo will do it so Im recommending that after the 3month cycle she should go to St. George Klinik in Germany or Paracelsus in Switzerland. I have an Israeli Navy Seal friend who had one lung taken out, 70% of his colon removed but after 12 weeks of chemo at Mayo USA decided that he was not going o get well with his skin cancer and 24 lymph nodes cancer. So he went to St. George. I am all for hyperthermia even if I have not had enough testimonials other than from this Israeli. If you need to talk to me, email me at arlaba2007@gmail.com. I will be more than happy to help and to relate to you what we have found out. We also have experienced and seen cures via non-conventional means: detox the diseased liver with herbal treatments (all natural) and strengthen the immune system, then when these are done, perhaps consider chemo to address the systemic issue of possible metastasis. I will check on Ron Gagne. Let me have his website. I am in touch with naturopath doctors. When you email let me know your medical situation i.e. how far advanced, when discovered, what has been done, latest MRI if any, etc. You may also want to check on Fuda at Guangzhou in China. I have heard many cures are claimed by them. I have spoken with one cancer survivor with liver cancer (HCC no cholangio) who went to Fuda and another (a cholangio patient who even went to our house last March) who went to Modern hospital, another one located at the same area. These Chinese hospitals combine west and east treatments but use crysurgery extensively. God be with you on this ordeal. Who is your primary caregiver? Are you with relatives and/or friends as you go through this? Tony

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HI Tia,

Thank you for this post. My family has been discussing having my father go and see a Holistic Dr. that specializes in vitamin treatments against cancer. My dad is scared of doing anything other than conventional western treatments. I have been reading a lot about non traditional methods and the importance nutrition plays in helping your body fight against disease,and I believe that we need to combine the approaches.

Would you mind sharing how you are doing and the site you found your doctor on? I wish you strength on your journey and thank you again for posting on this site!


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Dear Lizy,
You are right. If you take time to read my earlier post you will be able to read my own experience and conclusions. I also posted my private email, now used by several to exchange information with me and others who are helping, so we can start a conversation. Here it is again: arlaba2007@gmail.com. I check mail twice a day but answer CSN requests at night such as now.
To address your question: most literature, feedback and available stats do confirm that this disease is indeed very serious, its life threatening, there is no known chemo that can definitely prevent the growth much less eradicate it completely. What worries me now is that the Folfox treatment might not retard the cholangio growth in my wife's liver. We are of course still hoping that by end June to mid July we will get to know after she completes her 3month treatments. Only then do they suggest that we do an MRI. We may even have to do a PetScan to ensure there is no metastasis or spread to other organs, something which the Folfox chemo treatments should have addressed systemically or in her whole system/body.
As far as non-conventional treatments are concerned you may wish to research the ones I listed in my previous postings. Also I have read and I confirm that conventional treatments alone will not work as much as a combined conventional and non=conventional or, more specifically, the use of naturopathic/homepathic remedies.
The logis is simple. The liver is already heavily compromised with cholangio a rare and dedaly disease that spreads fast within the liver itself. And even if the growth can be minimized or lessened and even if the tumor is shrunk, somehow the disease bounces back over a short period of time.
I will definitely hope and pray that my family (wife and US based/trained children) will finally agree to pursue alternative modes in Germany. Luckily for us, our insurance from our country, the Philippines, covers even non-conventional in countries like Germany and Switzerland. This is one key consideration that your father and your family may have to consider from a practical standpoint.
The other area that you might wish to look into is Guangzhou China (Fuda and Modern hospitals). You must research that well because it is some distance from the USA and the approach is not hyperthermia or high heat of 41degrees C to kill the cancer cells that do not seem to survive 39 degree body temperature for a long time. In China they took the opposite approach: cryosurgery with pinpoint arterial chemo.
If you start the conversation we can share with you our other findings. If you should email, let us know more about your fathers condition, his age, vitals, diagnostics, prognosis and, most important of all, his state of mind and emotion.
Whoever agrees to be his caregiver should also be emotionally, physically and psychologically prepared for this daunting task and responsibility. Needless to say, understanding, patience and love will be put to the test at all times.
We will pray for your father and for your family as we ask you to pray for my wife Annabelle. Give us your father's full name.

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