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Marty White

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Our friend and fellow warrior, Marty White, has passed away. Many of you are "newbies" and didn't know Marty, but a few of you might remember her.

She was diagnosed in Nov of 2008 - stage IIIc.

Marty stopped posting on the board around the time that her doctors gave her "a year or less" to live. I kept in touch with her via email after that, but all my messages went unanswered after the first part of this year, so I knew she wasn't in a good place. Still, it was a shock.


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My thoughts and prayers with Marty's family! RIP Marty! it is very sad....

Cindy Bear
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another brave and beautiful woman felled by this awful, crummy disease. I do remember Marty but not the details of her diagnosis. I am deeply sorry to hear this. Thanks for letting us know Carlene.

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I am so sorry to hear of Marty's passing. My thoughts are with all of you that knew her well. RIP Marty.

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I knew as soon as I saw her name come up as a posting that we probably had lost her. It is a shock, isn't it, even when we don't hear directly from one of our survivors for quite awhile, you just kind of hope they're off having healtier than expected lives. She will be missed.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I'm heartbroken. Again. G*d*mn Cancer.

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lisa. I'm heartbroken.....G'D*mn Cancer!!!!!!!

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How sad to hear this. Thank you for letting us know, Carlene.

My sympathy, thoughts and prayers to Marty's family.


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I am so sorry to hear this news. It is just like another piece being ripped out of me. I hate this disease. I will pray for Marty and her family.

Thank you Carlene for letting us know.


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Bless you Marty and your family. It's so hard and sad to read about another loss. Let's stay strong ladies!


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Each loss adds a crack to the heart. My prayers to Marty and her family.


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I remember Marty well. 'Can still see her smiling profile pic.
She and I were diagnosed the same time with the same stage.
I am starting to have major complications and 'am afraid this last chemo may be my last hope.
Marty was always so upbeat and kind to all.... May she be in peace. Ginny

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