Anaplastic astrocytoma group III)

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Well hello, I am happy at the same time confused as to what to do. I had my MRI (2/12/12 and 5/01/12) both showed same with no brain tumar growing. But the Raditation doctor wants me to go through it, I am hoping that I can find the right program.

After being through all things I had surgery of Brain Tumor (Anaplastic astrocytoma group III) cancer sergary at (University of Washington- Dr. Silbergeld) which is the top challenge that I can overcome. God has kept me to be strong and stay closer to him. Now the new area that I am hoping to get information about is how healthy life style can be obtained and how helpful is the any treatment after brain surgery? I just want to make sure that I will beat this situation and live without Social Security income starting at this age of 34 years old.


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    I was diagnosed in October of 2009 with AA3, and had surgery to remove the egg size tumor. I did 6 weeks of radiation, 12 months of chemo, and my MRI’s have been clean ever since. It will be 3 years in October, but I honestly believe that the radiation and chemo have helped me be where I am today. I had seizures in November of 2009 from being weaned off the steroids too fast, but never had another one until February 2012. They said that once you have trauma to the brain a seizure can come out of no where. It really scared me, but after a few days in the hospital and test, I am still tumor free. I am now back on Keppra 2000 mg, but that is a small price to pay to be able to watch my 4 yr old grow up. She will be 5 in June. I was diagnosed at the age of 32, a month shy of turning 33. My little girl was 2 at the time! Just wanted you to know my story to maybe help in your decision. Know this too, there are no two people that will react the same to any treatment or diagnosis. You have to go with your feelings, just wanted to share my story.

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    AA3 and Avastin
    I was diagnosed in Jan 2010 with two AA3 tumors. They are near my brain stem, and are not operable. I went through the radiation/chemo therapy for 4/6 weeks and they continued to grow. I then started on Avastin in Jan 2011 and that's when I really made progress. They have shrunk to the point where my NO is saying he is having difficulty seeing them in the MRI . So I'll be staying on Avastin for as long as I can. I've been on it for 16 months so far. Side effects are minimal/bearable - joint stiffness and numb and dry finger tips. Quality of Life is 95%.