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Kidney Stones after Partial Nephrectomy

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Good Evening.....

Can anyone please offer any information with regards to treatment of a kidney stone after a partial nephrectomy for Stage 1 clear cell renal carcinoma using lithotripsy? I was diagnosed on February 11, 2011 with a mass in my left kidney. My surgery was performed at Sloan-Kettering on March 30, 2011, with great success. Since that time, I began working out again, spin classes and boot camp classes as well. Intermittently, I experienced blood in my urine and recently had a CT scan to determine the cause. The CT Scan revealed a kidney stone in the renal pelvis of my kidney that contained the RCC.
I am utilizing a urologist in my area that would like to treat the stone using lithotripsy on May 21st. I would like to use this forum to obtain input and comments on effectiveness of that form of treatment.
I am new to this site and hope this is the proper way to obtain this information. If it is not, can some kind soul please guide me accordingly.
Thank you in advance for your assistance!
Hope and Faith!!!

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Hi Sunshine,

I know several people that have had very good success with litho battling kidney stones. None of them had had a partial nephrectomy however, I don't know if that little wrinkle should be cause for concern, but probably not. If the docs don't see a problem I'd say go for it.

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Handy that Gary is in a position to give advice.

You've not mentioned the size, type or location of the stone and what advice you've had about diet and fluid intake. Presumably you're well up on the relevant issues but just in case it's of use and you haven't already learnt all about this condition, you may want to take a look into


Do you think you've maybe pitched back into vigorous exercise a bit soon? (I'm a bit prone to doing that myself!) It might be sensible to ease back until you've had the lithotripsy, which will doubtless do the trick for you.

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The size of the kidney stone definitely matters when you're considering treatment options. Although lithotripsy can bring benefits like shorter recovery time, if the stone is simply too big, it won't do much good!

If you're looking to do more research into this issue, the following link could help you out: https://www.healthtap.com/user_questions/61060-what-type-of-treatment-for-kidney-stone.

You can also type in whatever question about lithotripsy or kidney stones or partial nephrectomy that you want, and see what kinds of advice real doctors have to give. Good luck!

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Good Evening.

I apologize for not mentioning that the stone is 5mm x 8mm and is located in my renal pelvis at the present time. It is causing my kidney to swell and bleed occasionally. My Doctor at Sloan is hopeful that it is a calcius stone and will respond well to the lithotripsy. News today that my sodium level is way off, so repeat of bloodwork tomorrow.

As for diet, exercise and hydration, I have been monitoring that since my surgery over a year ago. My body lets me know when it has had too much. You are right in that my spin class and boot camp may be a little extreme, but I haven't had an issue until recently. I did notice that since I was concerned about calcium as I am nearing menopause, I began taking calcium suppliments, which I believe is a contributing factor. My son has had an issue with a golf ball sized kidney stone, which is the result of a deformed renal pelvis. He was treated with 3 lithotripsy's and a percutaneous nephrectomy to remove some of the fragments. He still has over 100 fragments in the lower portion of his kidney. I wish they were diamonds!

Thank you again for the link and for reaching out to me. Good Luck with your treatment as well!

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Hello sunshine,


I too was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma in 2009.  But in dec 2011, i developed a kidney stohe on my right kidney where I had the tumor.  I had a lithotripsy done in Aug 2012 and  there was no more sign of kidney stone after 2 sessions.  however, dec 2012, after only 3 months, the ultrasound result showed that I once again developed a new kidney stone stone on the same kidney.  I don't know if it iis because of my diet or that the blood vessels in my right kidney isin e it was operated on is  no longer functioning well that is causing the kidney stone Or because of my history of cancer, there is an increase calcium in my blood that is causing the kidney stones.  I am researching about this on the Internet when I stumble upon your letter.  I hope spmeone can answer our. Question.


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You didn't give much information about your prognosis of RCC at this point in time.  Is it metastatic?

One of the indicators of possible bone lesions (metastases) is elevated level of calcium in the blood.  Have you and your oncologist ruled this out?

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