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wow 4 years NED

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I was dx'd May 20th, 2008 with stage 3B CC. Emergency surgery then at Mayo on June 7th due to total obstruction of bowel. (I was scheduled for the surgery on Monday, my bowl obstructed in the middle of the night on Friday/Saturday). 6 weeks recovery, 7 months of the chemo from h*ll year, take down surgery in Feb 09, hernia repair in July 09...

And so it goes. 4 years later, I am now down to 6 months CEA checks. And nothing else. 4 years older, more gray, more set in my ways. 4 more years with my children, who are now grown into incredible adults, one just got engaged last month. 4 more of incredible years with my grandson who will turn 4 on May 16th.

And so it goes. The further I get away from my cancer, the more normal my life has become. The more distant I am from 4 years ago, the more my life has become again my life.

And YOU and your fight with this Beast? You remain close to my heart and soul. Feel as though I carry your fight with me every single day. To those we have lost to this Assw*pe disease, the more my survival becomes more precious and life altering every single day. I have been given what so many fight for and DON'T get- I know that. In the most intimate way, I know that. I take the pieces they gave in their fight and they become part of my journey on this ride of living. I live for them, we all do.

With love and respect,


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Time seems to stand still for some of us - while for others, Time moves steadily forward.

It's great that your life is becoming more of what you remember it to be - you've certainly done and seen the things you thought you would not back in 2009.

It's always nice to see folk's initial fears laid to rest as they accomplish the things they thought they would not live to see - and realize their dreams materialize to fruition.

Congratulations on your achievement and hope for better tomorrows for as many of us as is possible:)

Hoping for continued good news for you as you go forth...take care, Patty.


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Congrats Patty, what a long strange trip its been huh? I am right behind you, it will be 4 years since my diagnosis Dec 2.

Wishing you nothing but great health in the coming years!!

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WTG Patty! It is the triumphs that we all need to hear. We have heard and lived the difficult parts of the Big C.

So, Cheers to you and many more! May you celebrate your 20th NED!
Best Always, mike

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Congrats on your anniversary of 4 years, as well as the positive forward motion of your life.

Wishing you 100 more years NED.


Marie who loves kitties

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It is very encouraging to see you doing so good all these years. Pray that you never have any problems. Jeff

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So happy for you fellow teacher. We celebrate this milestone. I read your two year anniversary post when I first joined. Now here we are you made it to year four. I am looking at my two year this September. This post gives me hope. WAAHOOO .... we celebrate for you.

Happy for both of you on this post celebrating 4 Years NED. Prayers for all of our continued good health and prayers for all our friends who are with us in this journey.

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Yay Patty! I am so happy for you and your family. Your post was beautiful.
Hugs and prayers for continued good health.

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Aw Patee, hugs to you. You said it so humbling. And this is a very humbling disease.

Congratulations to you for your success, persistance, and kindness! I wish to you another 50 years of clear scans and CEA's!


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Patee, this is such good news, many many great years ahead for you :)

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Kenny H.
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Congrats on your 4yr anniversary. And the start of many more!

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Thanks for sharing your happy news, and for your kindness and class in acknowledging the many here who hope to have what you achieved.
Enjoy Patty~

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