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"The river runs deep but the water is cold as ice'

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(J J Cale reference)

Part One of this is to say that these have beene exciting times. I have a CT scan coming up at the end of next week, and I have blown off a couple of other things until I get the results of this scan, to be honest, for reasons that will be obvious to at least some of you.

It is not a course I recommend, but I have to go my own road and all of that, and if the scan comes back positive, it may be that anything else is moot. We shall see.

In the meantime, as I've mentioned, my wife and I had a great time with another CSN'er and her family. And all along this way, a neighbor lady offered to tend to my yardwork if I would teach her to play the guitar, particularly to play certain peace/love related songs from various religious.

I thought at first that she was pitying me or some such, and resisted, even if I was crowing inside that I was good enough to do this.

It turns out she really does want to learn to play these songs, evidenced by the fact she has a guitar but does not know where it is, does not own a capo, which she will need, has no tuning instrument, has no recordings of these songs that we might work with, and wants to start next week.

Just the kind of endeavor that stokes me. And she likes my beard and said so (now that my wife has rid me of what she, my wife, thought was 'homeless' long hair, but which I thought was freedom, going "Willie".

We had a wedding to go to tonight, along with the reception, but I bowed out, even though it was in one of my favorite old places, a place that used to be called Henry's, a two story restaurant with a beautiful cylindrical aquarium running from floor to ceiling, two stories high of glass filled with water and sundry curiousities and any number of fish, smalll and large.

There is a lovely deck out back, second story, I think, looking out over the Lynnhaven, and this is where the wedding was held, and I really would have loved that, but I am not much of a people person when the number of people gets to be in the 90s, 100's. Not yet.

I am not, frankly, into weddings even when there are only five people involved. Or three.

Weddings these days seem to be less about load and lock, love and live, than they are showcases for adhering to the latest thing or going one step beyond just to be even that much cooler.

I think that means I am getting old, although I only feel old when I talk about stuff like this.

Or when I fall :).

Exciting: in the morning, this very morning, I am supposed to go to brunch with my wife and the mother and father of the groom, along with the groom's aunt and her husband. The groom's aunt was a lovely woman once upon a time, and I can't imagine that a bout with cervical cancer has changed that.

I am really looking forward to seeing her, and to meeting her husband, and to being with people I love.

But it is true, the river runs deep.


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I love your short stories, and want to again ask you to speak with a publisher about a book of them. Maybe for Cancer Survivors. Also, keep us posted about upcoming scan.



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Thank you again for the compliment, Cathy. I have made overtures to a number of agents with no interest, so probably need to refine some of what I've written, especially the earliest parts, which were a bit grimmer.

With respect to the scans, will do, Cathy. And thanks for your concern.

Take care,


I know what you mean about blowing things off, anyway just want to wish you nothing but postive results on up-coming ct-scan...... Dan

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Thank you for the good wishes. They are greatly appreciated. I am not worried about the scan, of course, but will eventually be worried in the hours, minutes, leading up to the results.

So far, then, no worries.

Take care,


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