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Why oh why don't people use the chatroom on this site more? Such a shame, great real time support tool !!!!!!

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I was just passing through the site today checking messages and dropped into the chatroom to see if could help anyone in there if they needed it and it was empty, as usual. I am constantly amazed at how this great resource section of the site is not used more. It's a Saturday and of course many are out and about but it doesn't seem to really matter what the day is, it's usually so empty. I know I am told night time is busier, at least it used to be, but you would think that there are people all over the world with having different time zones could make use of chat too more.

I wonder if the very reputation of 'chatrooms on the internet' is part of the problem. So many of the rooms are filled with perverts and the like but it's such a shame when a clean and well monitored site like this one is under used due to the general reputations of chat, if that is the case.

I know that personally when I was going through cancer treatments, nearly 25 years ago or so, I would have loved to talk to someone online in real time right when I was needing an answer quickly or at least some sort of understanding and support and that is exactly what this chatroom does.

Maybe people come in and see no one there and don't wait a minute, that's probably part of it too but I just had to write a post on it because I truly think so many could benefit from this chatroom if they just gave it a try. Sometimes you have to wait a minute or two for someone to come in but most times I have found it very helpful to speak with people who have been there in the cancer journey and to help where I can too, as a long time survivor.

All you newbies - give chat on this site a shot. I am sure you will be glad you did. It's a well monitored and clean chatroom and lots of caring people ready to help you on your journey with cancer.

All the best.



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I wanted to let you know that I have not been able to get into the chatroom. I don't know if it is my computer or what. I tried several times and tried different things and at this point I have given up on it. I am taking what I can from the discussion boards and glad to have them. Something is better than nothing. I am thinking that if I am having trouble others might be as well. That is just my experience and it is what it is. Have a great day and keep smiling :) one day at a time.

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I'm having the same problem, tried on numerous occasions, so I'm doing the same as you.

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I cannot get on the chat area of this page, I would love to but cannot do it, not sure if it is site or computer.

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Hello everyone.

Though I rarely use the chatroom, I just tried to get on and
did so successfully. Unfortunately, all the rooms were empty
except for me.

One common problem I've seen people have with chat has to do
with JAVA (either the version or settings). So for those of you
not able to even bring up chat, you might want to check out
your JAVA settings/version, etc.

Hope this helps some of you.

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Hi Everyone,

Yes it's true that you have to have JAVA to use the chatrooms so that might be the best place to start, make sure you download JAVA - it's free and easy - just google 'download JAVA' and that should do it.

Like I said, and why I created the post, the rooms are empty a fair amount and that raised the question as to why that is. Java is easy to download and fix and for sure if people try to use the chatrooms and they have technical trouble they can get disallusioned and not come back but I would really suggest that you try weekly even, once a week, to see if there are others around to talk with. I am so amazed at the number of people who have or had cancer compared with the astoundingly low number who seek out online support and this chatroom can be so helpful, I have seen it.

I know when I was diagnosed first some 2 plus decades ago I would have loved to chat with survivors in real time with all the issues most of us go through with it all, from time to time.

I would suggest too that if you contact this site directly you might tell them about your frustrations with trying to get into the chatroom and maybe something from a technical standpoint might be done to make it easier for you to get in, once you have downloaded Java I mean. Also people don't wait a few minutes for others to come in, they just pop in and see no one is there so they leave. I have found that it's not about quantity of people in the room either that can make the room work for you, not at all. Sometimes the one other person in there might be the one who can give you the best guidance.

Don't give up on chat, I really think it's worth it to keep on visiting the room now and then and see who might be around. It just baffles me that more people don't seek it out, it can't be down all the time. Frustrating.

All the best to you all.


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