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Hey Guys

Brenda Bricco
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I have been popping on to see how everything is going here and there but I just don't seem to be worth a squat these days. I am tired, lonely and fighting depression daily. I just wanted to say that I am thinking of you all often and pray for us all. I hope you all are doing well.

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Aside from all of that, how are you?
Fighting cancer or seeing a loved one go through the battle is very hard on a person. Give yourself a break and let it out however you can. It's not good to hold everything in. Have you spoken with anyone from your church at all? They may be able to offer some help, guidance, or just "Be there" for you.
Wishing you well...

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I know exactly where you are I wish we all could be in the same room to just talk cry laugh play some fun games because we know what we're going through. I wish you the best and pray a bright sunny day is soon. Jeff

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Hey, I love your picture. I love horses - always have. One wild day a long time ago I had a horse tattoo put on my arm. My earliest memory was of a horse.

I was told on Monday that I have colon cancer. Last November (just 5 months ago) I found out I had testicular cancer. And in between this I was told I have a nodule on my lungs that we have to watch.

I not looking forward to another surgery, or finding out what stage the colon cancer is, or the painful ensuing treatments, or how some people just don't seem to know what to say to me, or ... Yes, Cancer is scary! Cancer sucks! And yes, we cry and we obsess and we fear....

Sometimes I tell myself to not take anything in life too seriously and to try and laugh and smile. My father used to tell me that Heaven is only one Smile away. and even if you can't run a mile you certainly can ALWAYS put on a Smile!

God Bless, Hang in there, and TALK TO YOUR DOCTORS about your depression! The drepression is actually just another part of cancer! And another aspect to FIGHT!

Love and hugs and Best Wishes/Prayers to You!


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hope you can throw off your depression. nothing lasts!!! the good times don't, but neither do the bad ones. We wouln't appreciate our good days if we didn't have the not-so-good to compare them to. Hang in there kid life's a ball

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