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Jr. (Ray) is still with us!

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I am so amazed at my brother. He just had to go this past Friday for a blood infusion, he didn't bounce back so quickly like he did in the past but he is doing better today.. His last blood infusion was a year ago and the onc. says that is really great.
It has been 20 months that Jr has been in this fight and he is still here!
Last week he actually was able to go out and enjoy some time with his kids and grandkids.
He never leaves the house except for chemo trips so this was surprising that he felt up to doing this.
He is eating food!! Real food, cooked by our mom.
He eats just about anything she makes. Sometimes he eats too much at one time and pays for it later with pain.
But for breakfast he eats cornbeef hash, two eggs, two sausage and biscuit. Now that's a lot of food at one time! But this is answered prayer as before he could eat nothing, just mainly drink, so it is good to see him eat.
He plays his video games with his kids, plays on his keyboard and at times he sings with mom.
We are talking about a guy who is stage 4, inoperable and was given only a few months to live.
Talk about a fighter!!!
He has a lot of chemo pumped in his body but the main effects he feels is constipation. His other meds make him tired so he tries his best to stay off the morphine.
So many times I think, "this is it" but he seems to always bounce back.
I know this is God. I know he is on chemo but I have seen so many go through the surgeries and all the chemo treatments out there only to have the cancer to spread and now they are gone, but as of yet God wants Jr here still with us.
He needs prayer, it gets rough, so very rough but when you see him having a good day, visiting with his family all I can say is we are so thankful so very blessed.
So chemo or not chemo, I can now see that is an individual decision. Some opt for no chemo for better quantity of life others choose the chemo and the suffering that goes along with it, but either way you pretty much suffer, as for Jr. all I can say is, he is here.

I have not been well myself, so I have not been on here in quite awhile, I see there are so many new ones and so I hope to catch up on those of you that have walked this walk with me with my brother.

Prayers for all!!


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So good to hear about your Brother's brave fight. I had wondered about Ray and thought I had missed your posts. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Prayers for Ray and for you. Keep us posted as you can. BMGky

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Glad to hear from you. Sorry you have been under the weather. Hope it's not anything serious. Happy to hear Ray is able to eat well and he's able to spend time with his family.
You're right about treatment being an individual decision. I know how I think I'd be, if I have a reoccurace, but unless it happens, I really don't know. I do know, it would be my own decision.
Glad you're back and pray you are better,

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