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(3) ground glass lung nodules?

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Does anyone have expierence with this finding?

After my Dr. Found a suspicious cyst on my kidney
And is recommending surgical removal of that cyst.
(and part of my kidney) then ordered a MRI, which revealed
A small well calcified granuloma. Then ordered a CT of the chest
Which revealed that the granuloma was benign, but there
Were (3) ground glass nodules (between 4-5mm) in one lung.

I read where these GG nodules are high probability for cancer 88%
And I've also read there only about 30%

Can anyone shed some light on this?
And I can find no information on having (3) of them
But I know it doesn't look good!

Just got the results in the mail today, dr. Didn't call.


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Sounds similar to a CT result for my wife. NIH has this about it.

Malignant Pure Pulmonary Ground-Glass Opacity Nodules: Prognostic Implications

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Thanks for the link, I wish they would make things a little easier to understand!

I'm also praying mine aren't malignant!
But I guess I'm playing the waiting game for
One of my Dr's step up and call me on this?

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All of your questions can be answered in the attached link at the bottom. The short answer to your question is below:

1) Are your GGNs "pure" or "mixed" (e.g. some portion of solid component)? This matters because pure = 30% chance of malignancy and mixed >=70% chance, hence the range you referenced.

2) Size matters where >10mm is much higher risk and <10mm much lower risk

3) Even if your pure GGN nodules <10mm are malignant, there is a 95% chance that it is either AAH (think mole type of lesion but not cancer yet) or AIS (new definition of BAC) which has a 100% 5 year survival rate among patients that had their pure GGNs resected (link below summarizes all of the research on this over the last 10 years--from Japan where GGNs are quite common). Only 5% of patients in this series of studies had AC from a persistent pure GGN <10mm in size. Most patients with stable non-growing GGNs that are <10mm in size simply watch and wait with serial CT scans every six months over several years. Patients with multiple pure GGNs are managed with the same protocols.


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I had one GG nodule the same size located in the upper left lung. I complained about a strange pain I'd occassionally get in that area (usually with colds) and was determined it was really in the lung. After being seen by a few specialists with no confirmed testing I was told it was likely a spore due to living near river beds. I did follow up with CT scans over the coarse of 2 years and there was no change. Curious to keep reading and see what your results were. Hope you're ok. It's been 6 years and I still get frequent pain in that same area. Other than that I'm perfectly healthy to my knowledge.

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