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Here's hoping

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scheduled for liver resection #3 next week April 19 - have had 3 scans in last 6 months and all show no spread except for one small (1cm) tumor - surgery at MD Anderson in Houston - I hope and pray that with this last cut we will have gotten it - this group has been important through the last year so I will keep updating with my progress

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I just had my 3rd. liver resection back in December. Each time was a single spot for me on the right side. They took the whole right lobe this time in hopes of finally getting everything. I am fully recovered now. I am sure you will do well. You know the routine.


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good for you - the routine for me is that they keep thinking it is all good - that was the call after the colon surgery and the first resection - hopefully third time the charm

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Yes. Lets both believe that the 3rd time is the charm

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Wishing and hoping for good results. You are quite the troopers, you resection repeaters.
Get it out and you keep moving on. Bless you.
In light


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Good luck and best wishes....keeping fingers crossed that three times IS a charm for you :)

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I am so happy to hear you have been offered number three....sorry I do not mean that i am happy that you are having to do this crappy operation again.....but after two myself....I keep doubting that anyone would consider giving a third....

you GIVE me great hope

good luck....all the very very best for speedy recovery


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Hi. Glad the liver regenerates and we can cut into it more than once. Hope this is the last for you, though.
I am right behind you. Had probably 70% of liver removed in January. First post-op scan shows a "new" spot.
I would prefer surgery, but they may just ablate it (and I suppose keep surgery for later). I had a lot of disease, so I'm anticipating more than one surgery and ablation.

What do they typically do after resection? Any more chemo for you, or with one spot will they just do the resection? I'm curious.....I'm getting tired of chemo.

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my surgeon has no problem w multiple resections - he says that he has done one patient 7 times - as long as the liver function is good and it can take the operation - and he does not do chemo afterwards - "wait 3 months and lets see" - if it comes back and needs to reduced in size (which I had to do) then chemo but if it comes back and is small he will operate again

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Thanks for getting back with answers to my questions. I do remember someone said several months ago that a person had 7 resections.......so that was you. Well that gives me hope.....need all we can get.
Take care. Sounds like you are in excellent hands there.

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The third one's the charm...
Hopefully this will take care of it once and for all.

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Have a big hug!

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I'm praying for you to have a speedy recovery and that this will be it with the resections. Jeff

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Praying for you!


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