My "Firsts"

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It's been a while since visiting this site. I just celebrated my birthday without my sweet husband. I guess I survived it but missed him terribly. I had come across the last B-day card that he gave me last year. I don't even know why I saved it and put it where I would find it this year. Lots of weird things happening.
This weekend will be the "first" Easter without him. I keep thinking about all the holidays that he worked sooo hard and wasn't able to enjoy them because he was so tired.. then when he finally ends up staying home and can enjoy he's sick with cancer!!! and is tired or doesn't feel good or can't eat!!
At the end of the month we would be celebrating our 40th Wedding Anniversary. I have chosen to celebrate by participating in a Relay for Life right near our house on what would be our anniversary. That's the best way I can honor my husband.
I don't know how I will ever get over this but try to make him proud of me and how I am handling this horrible loss!


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    Weird things or signs?
    Dear slg, I am so sorry. About the birthday card you have found: My mom passed away a week ago. Yesterday, I visited my grandma's house and found the postcard. The postcard was in my grandma's bookcase for years. 34 years I were passing this bookcase and never looked at the back of the postcard. And yesterday I did it for the first time. That postcard was written by my mom to my grandma and it was written one year before my birth. My mom and dad were on holiday and sent to my grandma the postcard.

    The weird thing, as you said? Or the sign from our beloveds?