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2nd week of treatment

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I am ending 2nd wk of rads ,first wk of 5fu pump. So far so good, not many side effects. Oxyplatin and cold ,not agreeable!! slight periferial neurophopy(sp). no nausia yet, just really tired. Mondays are hard, get oxyplatin, change iv pump 5fu, get rads, nothing we cant handle. I hope everyone feels as good as I do. Thanks for all you do, Phil and Dianne

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You just keep on feeling good! When you get tired then sleep. Keep up with the good work!

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So good to hear you are having minimal side effects. Hope it stays that way. Chemo can be rough, especially when paired with radiation. I know it kicked my butt, especially the 5FU. It's always nice to read about someone who is doing well during the treatment!


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So glad to hear how you're doing and not having too many side effects. We hope that continues for you. Fatigue is a common complaint, but it is temporary, and your body needs the rest to recharge the batteries.

We don't know yet what chemo Don will have for the 2nd go-round, but 5FU (F Me as one member called it) was one that was mentioned.

Hoping your neuropathy (sp?) is also temporary and goes away soon after treatment is completed. Stay strong and let Dianne take care of you (and let someone else take care of Dianne) and soon this will be a blip on the radar for you. I was surprised at how quickly Don's chemo and rads were over - it seemed like such a long wait to get started, then it flew by, and then a long wait (only 3 weeks) for surgery and those 3 weeks came and went quickly also.

Have a peaceful and Happy Easter.

Hugs and FEC,

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Glad to hear your treatment is going well! FYI: We take 100 mg Vitamin B6 twice daily to prevent neuropathy (with the approval and recommendation of our onco, of course.) Might want to check it out with yours.

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SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT COUGH,MAYBE A RX WITH CODINE TO RELAX THS SPASMS? yESTERDAY WAs TOUGHER, i saw both oncol changed 5fu, got oxyplatin infusion and finished about 3:3c pm . started @7:45. Ran a small fever last night, 99.6. I sure was glad to get back to my lazy boy! Feel real good today, I get rads @9.00.Im gung -ho to go. BEAST fighting time. Prayers and lollypops out to all.and as always thanks for all you do. Phil and Dianne Wenzel

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