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Federal Government on Tumors

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Today I was watching the news (NBC), and tumors was the subject discussed in medical updates. Apparently, oncologist are being advised to no longer treat tumors of stage 4 patients, as there is apparently no benefit to the patient. (AMA) Bottom line was the money and resources that would be saved. Health insurances would also benefit, when treatments are not longer advised.

This would be a prime time to contact our Senators and House Rep's, requesting that
funding be available to all cancer patients, not to single out tumors and classifications
of tumors.

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Thanks so much for posting this. I had totally missed this on the news. To deny treatment to people with stage 4 tumors borders on unethical in my opinion. It is very sad when money comes before human life. I am going to look up the story online right now.

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Do you remember what type of cancer the news report was about or which agency put it out? I have been searching for the new guidelines and can't find the one you mentioned.

Unfortunately I have family members with other types of cancer. We hit the cancer lottery. :/ I like to stay abreast of the latest news. Thanks :)

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Comment on the news broadcast was on money saving tips in medical care. Below are the
listed organizations that contribute to the ABIM Foundation.

American Academy of Radiology
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Plus 7 other health areas.

This organization is piloted by National Physicians Alliance: specific steps physicians in internal medicine, family medicine and pediatric could take in their practices to promote the more effective use of health care resources. Their aim tis to get physicians, patients and other health care stakeholders to think and talk about overuse or misuse of medical tests and procedures that provide little benefit, and in some instances harm.

When aired their latest Cost Cutting: they mention Grade 4 tumors- treatment was not necessary- as there being no benefits to patients quality of life/ life span. I feel they are wrong, their are many Grade IV tumor survivors on this site alone. This program is headed by the government - is this where government healthcare if passed will headed?

It seems like every family get hit with the cancer lottery sometime in the different generations. I am the first in 10 years in our family.

Prayers for commonsense!

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