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My Dad was just diagnosed with gastroesophageal cancer.  The primary tumor is in the gastroesophageal junction and quite small.  But unfortunately it's spread to his liver and he has a few nodules on his lungs.  He's only 59 years old, great health, no risk factors whatsoever of this cancer.  Doesn't smoke or drink and is very fit.  He just started chemo today. The oncologist said radiation to the primary tumor is not likely. His liver is in bad shape and I think that's a huge concern right now. He looks so healthy and he went to the doctor for unexplained stomach discomfort which was thought to be an ulcer and now he has stage 4 cancer. Any helpful info or advice would be greatly appreciated. I've never felt so sad. My Dad is such a huge part of our lives and I never imagined we'd be dealing with this.........especially at his age and heath.

Thank you and God Bless all of you!

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"Welcome" to what is probably the most knowledgable, well informed, compassionate group of people in the EC forum world. Everyone here has intimate knowledge of this beast, whether we are here as patient, survivor, caregiver, or close friend.

You are in for a roller coaster ride of emotions with EC. I'm so sorry that your Dad wasn't discovered until Stage 4. I'm sure that was a blow to the family.

We have several Stage 4's or Stage 4 caregivers participating here. They will be best versed to give you suggestions. It would be helpful to us to know where your dad is seeking treatment, has a 2nd opinion been sought out, and what chemo regime has been suggested. I'm sure others will have more questions for you. We truly don't ask to be nosy. The more information we have, the better we can help you.

Your family has been added to our prayers,

wife to Nick, age 48
dx 05/19/11, T3N1M0
28 Rads / 2 weeks inpatient Cisplatin / 5FU
THE 09/08/11
Clean Path 09/13/11
Questionable CT 12/13/11 (possible new node spotted in lung)
Clear CT 03/21/11

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I'm sorry you've needed to find this board but you truly have found the best place for support and information on EC. I don't visit as often as I used to but the folks here are phenomenal.
There's also a facebook page that many of us are a part of. If you want more information on that, just let us know.
In the meanwhile, know that there are Stage IV people on here who are living with this diagnosis. It's a beast of a cancer but it can be held at bay.
I know others will be signing on soon to welcome you and ask you all kinds of questions so they can better assist you and your dad.
Come back often and ask all the questions you have. Go to the doctor with paper and pen and write down as much as you can. Knowledge is key to this process.

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Thank you for the warm welcome! I will look into the fb page.

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My mom was diagnosed in November, but we did not know it was stage 4 until the end of January. It is very, very sad and hard to believe. I had trouble sleeping for months. Trying to come to terms with it, be a caregiver, still hold down a job and raise a teenager. All I can say is take it one day at a time and keep a positive outlook. It will be a roller coaster of emotions from here on out, but you will find love, support and an abundance of advice when you need it on this site. Welcome!

Hugs and blessings to you!

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Don't lose hope. It is so overwhelming. My bf Jack was diagnosed July 2011 at stage 4. They told him no radiation at first. They started him on EOX and Xeloda daily. He responded very well the first round. The lymph nodes were no longer "Hot", but the tumor hadn't reduced as much. They were then able to do radiation and chemo which just ended last month. The follow up CT Scan showed No evidence of Disease (NED). Everyone is different and responds differently to treatment. Your dad is healthy otherwise, and that is a major factor. You have to really trust your onc. Make sure they are really experienced and knows their stuff. When he finishes this round he can go out and get other opinions. We actually switched at that point and found someone much more knowledgable.
Everyone here is very supportive and will help you through it!

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