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dx with clear cell kidney cancer need all information i can geta

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WOuld like all information i can obtain on clear cell kidney cancer just had left kidney removed on 3/28/12 and this was thte cancer type. If any one has had this diagnosis please reply with information

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Just read your post on another thread, you have come to the right place for support and answers. When removed, your tumor was about 4cm, mine was 5cm about 2-1/2 years ago, both considered small and likely stage 1. Clear cell is the most common type, beyond that it would not be possible to say much more without knowing what your pathology report said. If you would provide more details from the report you will get more information from the gang here. That said, the most likely scenario with a small tumor is surgical cure odds approaching 100% as long it was completely contained with no evidence of disease (NED) anywhere else. Going forward you continue to live as before with periodic follow-up testing and possibly some minor dietary changes.


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This is by far the commonest form of renal cell carcinoma and there's more to read about it on the Web than you could read in a lifetime. There are many good links on this site with reliable info. from the ACS itself do start by exploring that. Meantime, do you have a bit more info on your tumour - e.g. The size and on yourself - age, gender, general health etc. we can then home in on information of most relevance to you.

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I note from your other post that the little bugger was 4.0cm Mine was 4.2 cm when they took it out on August 1, 2002 and I have had no problems with the big C since than. Your chances for a full and complete recovery are as close to 100% as possible. Scans and bloodwork at 3 to 6 months for the first 2 years and yearly thereafter as directed. You can now tell people that you had Cancer, rather than you have it. Welcome to our exclusive little club. I hope you did not mind the initiation.


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Thank you all for your comments its good to know i am not alone. Found out today that it was stage 3 lymph were negative. I am concern that on the ct scan there was cyst on both ovaries and fibroids on uterus they have an appt with ob/gyn dr.

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Kkyball! Sorry to welcome you here! I found this forum after my surgery, how I wish I found it much earlier.

I was wondering did you found out more about your ovaries cyst and others yet? Hope everything went well for your visit.

My Ctscan in March, also showed that I have an ovary cyst in my left side which about 3cm. I did not feel any pain or whatsoever. My obgyn appointment is coming up soon. Not sure I can handle any other news at this time.

All the best to your obgyn 's visit. Pray that the doctor has wisdow to provide a good advice.

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