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Surgery is two days away and am getting nervous.

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My father will be having surgery April 3rd, MIE. Can you share what we should expect? I am very fearful and praying hard...


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Lynn, I had a THE not a MI so I don't really know what the differences between what to expect from one to the other is. Your father should expect to have several tubes placed and may spend a little time in ICU. Make sure he has some chap stick or something as his lips will probably get very dry and chapped. I know mine sure did. He will only be allowed to swab the inside of his mouth with a wet sponge for a couple days but its not as bad as it sounds. I know how scarey it is facing this surgery but its even scarier if you don't! If you have any specific questions please ask I'd be happy to tell you what my experience was. We'll be thinking of you and your dad and praying for you both on Tuesday.


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Hello Lynn :)

I'm SO GLAD your dad is having the surgery! It truly is the best option for Stage III's and below able to move forward into surgery.

My husband also was a THE surgery, so I can't give you info about the MIE. I can tell you that those I know that underwent MIE were in surgery much longer than my husband. Not for bad reasons though. I believe the time difference is directly related to the difference between using robotics vs having a more "open" surgery.

There will be many tubes following surgery, but it's all a progress forward phase. It will be amazing to you how quickly the nurses will get your dad up and moving. I know I was surprised, but Nick was roaming the halls yet on Surgery day.

Prayers go with you!


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Thanks Terry, William and Dave.... Tomorrow is the day...God bless all of you....

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