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Leg Swelling after kidney removal?

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Has anyone had any leg swelling after their surgery? Mom had her surgery A week ago on Thursday and her legs have been swollen for the past 4 days. She is having a bit of trouble breathing as well when she walks. None of this before the surgery... Thank you!

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Angec- Sorry to hear that you Mom is having problems. Edema is the term for retaining water in the body (anywhere). The kidneys are what filter the water out of the blood, lungs expel water and sweating expels water. The body expels water at the same rate as intake every day.

If your Mom is retaining water (edema) it could be caused by several things. Renal failure is one. Heart failure is another. Retaining water is very stressful on the heart.

If you have not contacted her doctors yet, I strongly urge you to do so NOW. Or take her to the ER NOW as edema will only get worse and can become life threatening.

Best wishes on resolving this. Alan

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It happens but do make sure your doctors are managing it.

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First call the doctor and have it checked. Second it happened to me and it was the fluids and blood (ew)flowing down as gravity would have it do. Legs up and wait.

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Hi I had a radical nephrectomy about a year ago . To date I am cancer free yeah!!!!!! ,but back to your problem after my surgery my legs were swollen . Make sure you have your creatine level checked sometimes after surgery the remaining kidney has to catch up on the work but it grows in size to make up for the missing kidney. So check with you doctor as soon as possible . God bless and good luck


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Good to see you back Darryl, but even better to hear how well you're doing.

There'e been some speculation on how you've been getting on so it will come as really good news to this forum. How's your own creatinine and your GFR?

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