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When can i get back to work?

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Hello i go in for surgery to have my whole right kidney removed on april 9th, i'm a firefighter by trade and my question is when do you think I'll be able to get back to swinging an ax and get back to full firefighting duties. Not looking forward to this at all.

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Had my right kidney removed in 2011 and was back to work in six weeks ,I think the more normal amount of time would be about 8 weeks since your job requires a lot of physical activity.Also a lot depends on type of surgery you are having and how fast you recover,good luck sorry you had to join us and please keep us posted

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Thanks Limelife50, I'm having it removed robotic but i know nothing about this, but i have to say thank God for this forum because i feel so at ease now after reading so many posts on here and knowing so many people have walked down the path i'm heading down. and it's great to read all the success stories.

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There is no one size fits all answer to your question. It all depends on wheter your surgery is open or laproscopic? Your age? Your heath? Whether there are any complications? Whether you are going back to full duty or light duty? Depending on the above you should have your normal strength back in 6 weeks and be able to perform heavier activities several weeks and possibly a month or two later. Don't forget you are having major abdominal surgery. May I suggest that you see how you are feeling a month after surgery and discuss this with your Doctor and employer at that time.

Good luck with the surgery which should be a piece of cake for a fireman.


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Thanks Icemanntoo, i read alot of your posts on this forum and they help alot.

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As another Board member once wrote: "results will vary". My right kidney was removed laproscopically on 03/01/12. I was off the percs and driving on 03/09/12. Although I have a desk job, I was back at work full time on Monday 03/19/12 with the only restriction being that I could not lift more than 25 pounds. Was just cleared by my surgeon on 03/28/12 to resume all normal activity. Given the physical nature and stress of your job, my best guess is that it will probably take 6-8 weeks to get back to your "normal" work activity. By all means, don't rush it and listen to your doctors. I was scared ****less before my date. The people on this Board were a great source of suport. For all of my fear(s) going in, my surgery and recovery went far better than I ever expected. I hope and pray that you will have the same result. Good luck and best wishes in getting this challenge into your rear view mirror!

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