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Diagnosed yesterday???????

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I probably am about to describe a scenario that you are all familiar with. I went yesterday morning for a gastronomy because I was having trouble swallowing and a constant pain just below my ribs, where I felt my Esophagus met my stomach. I have a history of GERD and a Hiatus Hernia. All was progressing smoothly until in recovery the Gastroenterologist came and saw me and told me that it was serious, that there was a growth. He then set up for me to have a CT Scan that afternoon, the contrast one, with both the drink and the intravenous fluid.

He rang me after the scan and told me that he was pretty certain that it was Cancer and that I would get the results of my biopsy on Tuesday. He told me that my liver and local lymph nodes were clear.

WHAT THE HELL, where do I go from here. I am determined that this is going to be 'fixed', I also spoke to my GP who said I would be due for an operation and he did explain a few things to me but basically was calm, but also in shock.

The problem is that I have heart disease, cardiomyopathy. Luckily I am bionic, I have a biventricular/pacer with an ICD inserted and my heart health is pretty good at the moment. So hopefully I will be physically fit enough to have any procedure that is required. I am still trying to come to terms with this, but am comforted by the fact that he has already checked for any spread, which has come back negative.

Any support or sharing that anyone is willing to give me is very welcome. I am a fighter, I have had cardiomyopathy since I was 45, was given 5 years to live then, but now 13 years later am still here, and I am going to go out kicking and fighting. I will not let this get me too down, I am realistic and have lived with illness for over a decade now, but I am still going to give this everything that I have. I have too many friends and loved ones to give up, so please give me your advice.

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Im so sorry that you find yourself here, but welcome.
If I can be of any help at all Chrissy please don't hesitate in asking.
I am a carer and my husband had an op on 29th February.
He's doing really well so far.
If you need any advice, lots of people here will help you and you can
get the answers to most of your questions. It may not always be what you
want to hear, but the answers will be honest and in your best interest.
I wish you luck.
Hugs and prayers
Marci xx

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So glad you found us - sorry you needed to - but very glad you did. If you'd like to share your journey - ask questions, seek advice and vent - this is the place to do it. The fact that it has not spread is great news - with your fighting spirit - you are going to do well.

From the moment you posted - our support is automatic and a great benefit of this site. I consider our case still in the newbie phase - Hubby just came home 3 days ago from the THE surgery at Univ of Mich is is doing quite well considering the magnitude of this surgery. We were very fortunate to have a very involved and knowledgeable chemo onc - he really believes in beginning hydration early to help keep out of the hospital and it worked. Don had radiation every weekday for 28 days (machine broke once for three days so he went in on a Sunday for one of his make up treatments - they added the other two to the end of the days) he had chemo on Wedneday and they hydrated at same time and again on hydration was done on Fridays - made a big difference - you might ask about that.

Upon completion of the treatment - he developed hives and we still don't know what caused it for sure - but another gal on here suggested his lisinopril and I think she's right - the hives are gone since surgery and I it stays that way.

Anyway - we are here for you and welcome you with open arms - read as many as the older posts as you can - a wealth of info from them - so may apply and some any not - but at least you will remember you saw it somewhere on here. Also there is a CSN site on face book - you can send a friend request to myself (Judy Reed) or Mary Ruble and we can hook you up with that site also.

Best in all of your treatment plan - don't forget to stop back by and give us an update so we can monitor your situation.

Welcome aboard our new Sister-In-Cause - we are all here for you.


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Thanks so much Marci and Judy. It is great to get first hand experience of this process. I am really calm today and believe I am going to be fine. In my head I am just classing it as a progression of all I have been through with my heart. I have so many friends that have offered help and assistance that if I let them all do what they have offered, we could have a party at the Doctors rooms every time I visit. I am a sole parent, so I do not have a partner, but my brother and his wife are my main support. I think I have put a few noses out of joint because I have decided that they are all I need at appointments.

My daughter is 22, and graduated from University last year as a special education teacher. She had trouble finding a job close to where we live, and has moved to Darwin, (where the new US air base is going to be) 4000 klm away to work. It is a great job at a Special School and she is excelling at it. Every mom's wish. I haven't told her yet, we talk every day on the phone, but have kept this a secret until I see her face to face. I am concerned she will want to chuck it all in and move back here. I would be devastated if she did that. She is flying back on good Friday for the school break so I will tell her then face to face. I should have a lot more information by then too, so will have a plan.

As for every thing else, I will take it one step at a time, and trust my doctors. My neice is an oncology researcher with our major university, so she is going to do a bit of research for me on good surgeons on Monday.(tomorrow) She assures me that the oncologists in my town are excellent too, so that is very reassuring.

Again thanks for your comments, I have already read a few posts, I am concentrating on the success stories and although I am aware that it is not always like that, this is what I will focus on. One day at a time.

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Welcome to what I believe is the most informed, most knowledgable, most compassionate EC forum on the Internet. So sorry that you had to find us, but glad you did.

You have got a GREAT attitude! That will serve you well during this roller coaster ride. I had always like roller coasters, but this is an experience I could have done without. I'm sure you feel the same.

Congratulations on all your successes so far! Sounds like you've got a great constitution and a wonderful medical team.

Know we are here for you. There is likely someone already traveling a similar path with EC so there will be ready advice or suggestions for you.


wife to Nick, age 48
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THE 09/08/11
Clean Path 09/13/11
Questionable CT (node spotted in lung) 12/13/11
Clean CT 03/21/12

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