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update on my husband.

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Morning to you all, how are you all doing, just sending my thoughts to you all. We are 20 months into this life changing experience! Its so hard some days, and other times we are on a high. My husband is on a chemo break from having 2nd line, oxaliplatin, avastin and xeloda for 8 cycles for one liver met one lung met and peritoneal, all from primary cc. He is a fighter, just had his 55th birthday. He has ct beginning of April, which we are both very worried about. His oncologist wont be starting him back on oxaliplatin because of side effects ( he still has numb feet and tips of fingers. ) The avastin caused a blood clot, he is having clexane injections every day for 3 months. Besides all that, he is back to work 30 hrs a week and swims 5 times a week!! Im so proud of him. Sorry long post just wanted to share this with you all. Any thing I can help you with let me know. Thinking of you at this very difficult times.

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Glad to hear he's doing well (considering) and swimming. It certainly is a life changing event.
I hope he continues to do well with treatments when he starts up again.

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I am new to this blog, diagnosed with cc and met to liver, February 16, starting first round of FolFox tomorrow, scared to death of the side effects because to date, I have absolutely no symptoms of cancer-- I will be 56 soon and surgery is scheduled after 6 cycles of chemo.

I am wondering if your husband has has any surgery. Thank you for sharing. I have a port so I'm afraid to swim--which sounds great if he's feeling up to it.

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Yes, me too, no symptoms. So hard to believe how sick I really am. 1 Year later just dealing with some Oxy Issues.

I finished Folfox April, 2011 but spent the Winter doing water aerobics. The Mayo Scottsdale Oncologist said if you feel like swimming no problem, just wear sunscreen. I too had a port and you can go into the water and take showers. Folfox is doable. Many here will have hints as you take one treatment at a time and ask for hints on how to deal with those "pesky" side effects. Prayers,

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Hi, my husband had a colon resection surgery in Aug 10 they removed 12 cm in the transverse colon, he did very well, but the cancer had spread after 6mths of chemo.All the best with your chemo and surgery.

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I'm so glad things are going good. Enjoy the break and have fun. Praying everything continues to go so good. Jeff

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Nana b
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Love your strength.... Keep on pressing!

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